Geothermal Heat Pumps

Ecotelligent Homes can provide you with a geothermal heat pump and information on energy conservation. We can help to get your home off the grid or achieve zero net energy by pairing your energy efficiency improvements with a renewable energy solution. Our team will assess your home’s existing heating and cooling systems and the surrounding landscape to recommend the best alternative energy system for your family’s unique lifestyle.

Geothermal heat pump systems capitalize on the consistent temperature in the ground, which is always about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. These heat pumps effectively transfer heat to or from the ground, keeping your home comfortable while saving energy.

Efficiency Improvements before Renewable Energy

To make the most of your investment in alternative energy, Ecotelligent Homes recommends you improve the energy efficiency of your home with duct sealing and insulation prior to installing geothermal heating and cooling. Some benefits of eliminating energy waste prior to installing geothermal include:

  • If your home is more energy efficient, you can install a smaller geothermal heat pump and a smaller field to heat and cool your home.
  • While geothermal is a sexy home improvement, it can’t eliminate drafts. An energy efficiency improvement with spray foam insulation can!
  • Starting your project with a comprehensive home energy audit will not only ensure the most effective improvements are made prior to geothermal, it will also ensure your geothermal system is sized correctly for your unique home.

Is Geothermal the Best Solution for My Home in Metro Detroit?

Since geothermal heat pumps use the ground as a heat exchanger, it can provide extremely efficient heating and cooling to your home, which is why it is sometimes referred to as geothermal insulation. However, energy efficient furnaces are now achieving efficiencies up to 98.5%, so if your home has access to natural gas, you may be better off investing in a high-efficiency furnace than a geothermal heat pump. We have installed the industry-leading geothermal heat pump for our customers in the Heartland and Fenton area that were relying on propane and fuel oil and are now enjoying much lower utility bills.

Do I Need to Have A Large Yard to Drill the Geothermal Field?

If you have a large property, you could install a horizontal geothermal field, but you do not need to have a lot of land to install geothermal. Geothermal fields can be installed in the ground horizontally or vertically. Vertical geothermal wells can be installed in small city lots, and depending if your larger property has septic fields or well water systems, it may be simpler to install vertical wells. Your energy audit will calculate the size of field your specific home requires and we will work with you to identify the most logical location for your geothermal field.

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