Case Studies

Just as Ecotelligent Homes has evolved over the years to meet our customers’ needs, so have our case studies. We strive to share relevant building science and energy efficiency information from some of our favorite home performance projects. We have included all of our archives here, just in case you want to walk down memory lane or are looking for an oldie but a goody case study (we hope you get a kick out of them).

We enjoy staying connected with our customers and are happy to share some of the success stories from our recent energy savings projects around Metro Detroit. Please drop us a line if you have any suggestions to further improve our case studies, we would love to hear from you!

We recently worked with Robert and Tina of Ypsilanti whose home has been in the family for generations.

Chris and Larisa of West Bloomfield, MI had concerns about mold in their attic.

A good night's sleep is what Nathan and Erin of Farmington Hills were looking to gain when they contacted Ecotelligent Homes.

Repeat customers of Ecotelligent Homes, Robert & Jean of Northville, were so happy with the work we did in their previous home several years ago, that when they moved, they called us to do a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit... more

Al W. of Brighton, MI is so concerned about saving the Earth, that he told all his neighbors about the work we did to improve not only the comfort, but energy efficiency of his home!  

Homeowners Craig and Lisa recently bought a home that was flipped on the market. After experiencing some comfort issues in their home, this West Bloomfield, MI couple chose to call Ecotelligent Homes to address their concerns.

Valuable customer Danielle T. in Birmingham gets her cold and drafty floor fixed with Ecotelligent. "We just wanted to lower our energy consumption. We have been living with cold floors and never thought that we could be green and comfortable."

This Commerce Township home had cold floors every winter. Our blower door test and thermal infrared scan revealed significant leakage points at the basement rim joist and fireplace overhang. These spots were only insulated with fiberglass batting which does not stop air movement.

This wonderful farm house in Oakland Township was full of history and character, but also full of drafts and uncomfortable places. An Ecotelligent Homes’ Comprehensive Home Energy Audit helped this family to prioritize their list of potential improvements and our insulation crew was able to... more

The upstairs of this Farmington Hills Cape Cod was “a nightmare” to keep comfortable. Using the blower door test combined with the infrared camera showed us that the recently-added roof venting was actually encouraging air to move behind the insulation which was not only causing comfort issues... more

This Royal Oak homeowner installed a window air conditioner unit upstairs because it got so hot in the summer. Our thermal infrared scan showed profuse heat gain from the adjacent attic space. We removed the old, ineffective insulation and used open cell spray foam on the underside of the roof... more

The 2nd floor of this Novi colonial was hot and uncomfortable all summer. We preformed a comprehensive home energy audit which discovered the main issues that contributed to the hot 2nd floor: duct leakage, poor insulation, and air leakage.