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Rim Joist Insulation

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Ecotelligent Homes offers basement rim joist insulation to help create a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Our rim joist insulation is paired with air sealing and additional insulation services, such as attic insulation.

Why do rim joists need to be insulated?

The basement rim joist, also known as band joist or sill plate, is an often-neglected area of the home. There are several joints that come together at the rim joist during the construction of your home, and most of the utilities like electrical and natural gas enter your home through large holes at the rim. Air sealing and insulating the basement rim joist with closed cell spray foam will keep drafts out to hold heat in your home in the winter or keep your home cool in the summer.

Why is basement rim joist insulation paired with air sealing and attic insulation?

It is important to air seal and insulate the band joist and attic together to help create a comfortable temperature for every level of your home. If you insulate the rim joist in the basement, but neglect to insulate and air seal the attic, air, especially the air you pay to heat in the winter, is forced up and can escape out through the attic. Air sealing is also paired with insulating the rim joists to prevent cold floors above the basement.

What type of insulation is used for the basement rim joist?

At Ecotelligent Homes, we solely use closed cell spray foam insulation for basement rim joists. The closed cell spray foam is a thermal barrier and air barrier so it will hold in the heat in the winter and keep the drafts out. Additionally, our closed cell spray foam insulation is waterproof making it the best choice for the ground level of your home, which is susceptible to rain and exterior damage.

Fiberglass insulation should not be used when insulating rim joists. The fiberglass insulation does not stop drafts that are common at the rim joist and sill plate. The fiberglass will act like a filter and let the cold air pass through and catch some of the outside dirt and dust. If you have dirty fiberglass insulation in your Michigan basement, you have air leaks that bring in drafts and allow bugs and spiders access to your home.

Do I need to insulate my basement rim joist?

At Ecotelligent Homes, we recommend starting with an energy audit to determine if you need to air seal and insulate your basement rim joist. During the energy audit, we will identify what is causing your home to have an uneven temperatures or drafts and then suggest the proper course of action to fix the issues we find.

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