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Energy Consultation for Farmington Hills, Michigan Homes

If your Farmington Hills home is drafty in the cold months and the upstairs is unbearable in the summer, Ecotelligent Homes can figure out how to fix it. If you are interested in doing energy efficient upgrades on your home, an energy audit is a great place to start. It allows our home performance contractor in Farmington Hills to assess each system in your house to see where the problem is, create optimal recommendations so you are getting the best value for your investment, and ensure your home is safe by testing the air quality.

Something that sets Ecotelligent Homes apart from other energy consultants is our ability to create unique solutions for each home’s circumstance. Our team really goes the extra mile to figure out the root cause of the problem so it can be solved as soon as possible. The goal of our energy audits is to help our Farmington Hills customers live in a house that is comfortable year-round.

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Home Performance Services

Once an energy audit is completed at your Farmington Hills home, our team will make suggestions to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We will create a unique improvement plan for your home to make it more comfortable. Improvements can be made in multiple steps and over a period of time. After the team at Ecotelligent Homes implements their recommendations on your Farmington Hills homes, they will reevaluate the home’s overall status including temperature, air quality, safety, efficiency and more to ensure it meets their high standards.


Ecotelligent Homes can install insulation in your attic, crawlspace and more to improve your Farmington Hills home’s comfort. Learn about insulation solutions below:

Spray Foam Insulation — Closed cell spray foam insulation has the highest thermal resistance, which is why Ecotelligent Homes recommends it to combat Michigan winters. Closed cell spray foam insulation can be installed to open areas of your Farmington Hills home such as overhangs or cantilevers, basement rim joists, crawlspaces and more.

Cellulose Insulation — Cellulose insulation is an excellent choice for your home’s attic due to its high R-value and good air sealing properties. Cellulose is also resistant to pests to keep your Farmington Hills home clear of insects and rodents. Ecotelligent Homes uses cellulose insulation that is manufactured in Michigan, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Attic Insulation — A properly insulated attic can improve the safety, durability, efficiency and comfort of your Farmington Hills home. Ecotelligent Homes typically recommends blown-in cellulose insulation due to its custom fit compared to other forms of insulation commonly used in attics.

Crawlspace Insulation — Crawlspace insulation is often overlooked by homeowners, but it will eliminate your drafty floors and provide a usable, clean storage area in your Farmington Hills home. Closed cell spray foam is ideal for crawlspaces since it is water-resistant and can help keep pests away.

Rim Joist Insulation — Rim joist insulation is the process of insulating the space between the outer edge of the floor and the foundation wall or band joist of your Farmington Hills home. The rim joists are a common source of heat loss in homes and insulating the area can help improve its energy efficiency.

Pole Barn Insulation — Pole barn insulation might be the key to spending time in your pole barn year-round. With chilly temperatures in Farmington Hills in the winter, your pole barn could benefit from spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation might help decrease pests in your pole barn in addition to making it more enjoyable.

Air Sealing — Most Farmington Hills homeowners assume their major air leaks are caused by their windows, but an energy audit will show that air leaks often come from completely different causes. Ecotelligent Homes can help reduce the amount of air that is passing through your home’s building envelope to prevent energy loss, indoor air quality problems and comfort issues.

Heating & Cooling

Farmington Hills weather can be warm one day and cold the next so you need to make sure your heating and cooling can keep up. Ecotelligent Homes can help you find the right heating and cooling solution for your home.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners — Keep your Farmington Hills home comfortable during the dog days of summer and beyond with a high-efficiency air conditioner. Ecotelligent Homes can select a high-efficiency air conditioner that complements energy efficiency improvements made to your home to keep it pleasant during Michigan’s warmer months.

High-Efficiency Furnaces — Ecotelligent Homes will help you select the right high-efficiency furnace for your Farmington Hills home to keep it warm during Michigan’s coldest months. When Michigan’s winters run long, it is important to have the right furnace that meets energy efficient standards.

Air Source Heat Pump — If you are looking for a heating and cooling solution beyond an air conditioner or furnace, consider an air source heat pump. This type of system is capable of transferring warm air from outside to inside during the winter and from inside to outside during the summer. When used alongside high-efficiency furnaces, they can be the most cost-effective in extremely cold temperatures.

Duct Sealing — When ductwork is not properly sealed, the heated or cooled air that flows through it will escape before reaching the desired room. Sealing ductwork in your Farmington Hills home will prevent your heating and cooling from constantly running and causing energy loss.

Renewable Energy

Use renewable energy to improve the comfort of your Farmington Hills home, decrease your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. Ecotelligent Homes can suggest renewable energy options after completing energy efficiency upgrades.

Geothermal Heat Pumps — If you want to make your Farmington Hills home more energy efficient after installing insulation and duct sealing, consider geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal heat pump systems utilize the stable temperature of the ground to maintain a comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy consumption.

Solar — Ecotelligent Homes recommends conducting an energy audit and making energy efficiency enhancements before adding solar energy. Pairing energy efficiency improvements with a high-quality solar energy system will help get your Farmington Hills home off the grid. Solar energy can be utilized year-round, even during Michigan’s winter.

Electrification — Electrification, using electricity instead of fossil fuels, is beneficial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving your home’s air quality and energy efficiency. Electrification focuses on using electricity from renewable energy sources like solar as opposed to non-renewable sources.

Healthy Home

Make sure your home isn’t harmful to your well-being with healthy home services from Ecotelligent Homes. Test for common contaminants and remove harmful toxins to keep your home safe for you and your loved ones.

Indoor Air Quality Testing — Indoor air quality testing determines the levels of various pollutants and contaminants in your Farmington Hills home. The testing can help identify potential health hazards and determine the source of any air quality issues.

Asbestos Abatement — You may have asbestos in your Farmington Hills home and are unaware. Asbestos can be harmful if it becomes airborne, which is why it is important to call a professional asbestos abatement team like Ecotelligent Homes if you are doing any major remodeling where vermiculite insulation may be disturbed.

Mold Remediation — Removing mold from your home is important. What’s more important is to find the cause of the mold growing in your home. Ecotelligent Homes will determine where you have a moisture problem in your Farmington Hills home and come up with a solution to prevent it from happening again.

Are you ready to enjoy a comfortable temperature year-round in your Farmington Hills home? We can answer any questions to help you get started at 248-291-7815 or you can fill out our contact form. If you are interested in energy rebate programs for your home improvements, the Ecotelligent team can help.


Ecotelligent Homes is a home performance contractor, which means we are a one-stop-shop and we manage the project from start to finish. We follow a three-step process when assessing and improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

We can identify the source of your comfort, health and efficiency issues and present you with a solution to resolve the problem at its root.

Our licensed and insured team will install your improvements to industry-leading standards.

Our quality assurance check confirms the quality of our work and its impact on your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and health.