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Energy Assessment in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Let Ecotelligent Homes’ energy assessment for Bloomfield Hills residents figure out why your house is drafty and uncomfortable. With a few energy efficient upgrades, your home’s temperature could become even and consistent. To figure out what updates a home needs, Ecotelligent, a home performance contractor for Bloomfield Hills will conduct an energy audit. This audit will show where energy is being wasted, which areas have air leaks, spaces of poor insulation, the home’s indoor air quality and more.

One of the main reasons Bloomfield Hills area residents choose to get an energy audit is to regulate the temperature in their homes. Michigan homeowners know how temperamental the weather can be and there is nothing more irritating than rooms being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Ecotelligent’s energy audit can suggest ways to create a consistent temperature in a home which will leave residents with a comfortable living space snow or shine.

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Home Performance Services

Once an energy audit is completed, our team will make suggestions to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The improvements can range from insulation updates, a new HVAC system, renewable energy options and more. Once the energy updates have been implemented, the team at Ecotelligent Homes will do a reevaluation or quality assurance check of your Bloomfield Hills home’s efficiency, safety, heating, cooling, air quality and more.


Ecotelligent Homes can add or replace insulation to create a more comfortable home due to consistent temperatures throughout. Additionally, a properly insulated home will make it more energy efficient.

Spray Foam Insulation — Closed cell spray foam with a high R-value and air sealing properties to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer while preventing energy from escaping. Spray foam insulation is ideal for open areas of your Bloomfield Hills home such as crawlspaces, basement rim joists and overhangs.

Cellulose Insulation — Ecotelligent Homes uses cellulose insulation that is made in Michigan out of 85% recycled newspaper. Due to this, it is an eco-friendly choice for insulation in addition to helping create a comfortable home environment with Michigan’s extreme temperatures.

Crawlspace Insulation — Poor crawlspace insulation in Bloomfield Hills can lead to drafty and cold floors and uncontrolled moisture that may lead to a musty smell in your home. Installing closed cell spray foam insulation will improve the comfort of your home and prevent moisture and mold problems.

Attic Insulation — A simple installation of cellulose insulation paired with detailed air sealing of the attic can improve the efficiency of your home by allowing less energy to escape. Using cellulose for attic insulation in your Bloomfield Hills home can help keep the space clear of insects and rodents as it deters pests.

Rim Joist Insulation — Sealing basement rim joists with closed cell spray foam insulation can greatly improve the comfort of your Bloomfield Hills home. If rim joists are not properly insulated, your home is likely to be drafty and can have cold floors in the winter.

Air Sealing — Some spots of air leakage are visible whereas others are hard to find without a home energy audit. If common areas of leaks such as rim joists, recessed lighting and windows, are not properly sealed, they can have a negative effect on the comfort of your Bloomfield Hills home.

Heating and Cooling

Ecotelligent Homes can help find the right HVAC solution for your home to provide a comfortable environment while improving its energy efficiency.

High-Efficiency Furnaces — Keeping your Bloomfield Hills home warm and cozy is necessary to survive Michigan’s blustery winters. Ecotelligent Homes will help you select a high-efficiency furnace that will provide better energy usage as well as make your home pleasant and comfortable during the winter.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners — During the scorching summer heat in Bloomfield Hills, it is essential to have a dependable high-efficiency air conditioning system to help you find relief. Ecotelligent Homes specializes in assisting you with selecting and installing top-quality air conditioning systems that not only provide excellent cooling performance but also enhance energy efficiency for optimal comfort and savings.

Air Source Heat Pump — An air source heat pump is a versatile and energy-efficient heating and cooling option for your year-round comfort. These heat pumps transfer warm air from the outdoors to the indoors during the winter and vice versa during summer, providing efficient temperature control for your Bloomfield Hills home.

Duct Sealing — Duct sealing prevents air from escaping your ductwork before it reaches the rooms in your Bloomfield Hills home. A properly sealed duct system helps to reduce the energy consumption of your home by preventing energy waste while also improving its comfort and indoor air quality.

Renewable Energy

Prior to implementing renewable energy, Ecotelligent Homes suggests implementing energy efficiency upgrades. By combining energy efficiency enhancements with renewable energy, you can effectively reduce your reliance on the grid in your Bloomfield Hills home.

Geothermal Heat Pump — Geothermal heat pumps are a great way to preserve natural resources while using the ground’s consistent temperature to heat or cool your home. It is important to make sure your Bloomfield Hills home is properly insulated and sealed to get the most benefit out of a geothermal heat pump.

Solar — Solar energy can be harnessed throughout the year, including during Michigan's winter season. Ecotelligent Homes can recommend solar panels for your Bloomfield Hills homes to help your home achieve zero net energy.

Electrification — Electrification is the process of transitioning from fossil fuels to electricity to power your Bloomfield Hills home. Electrification places emphasis on utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar power, rather than relying on non-renewable alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Healthy Home

Ecotelligent Homes wants your home to be safe in addition to being comfortable. That is why we provide healthy home services to protect your home from unwanted pollutants.

Indoor Air Quality Testing — The presence of common household irritants can significantly impact the air quality of your Bloomfield Hills home. Prolonged exposure to indoor pollutants can lead to various health issues, which is why it is critical to identify and address any potential concerns. By conducting proper indoor air quality testing, you can take proactive measures to ensure a healthier living environment.

Asbestos Abatement — Ecotelligent Homes is licensed and certified to provide asbestos abatement services. If disturbed, asbestos can become airborne for 72 hours and negatively affect your health if it is breathed in, making it important to use licensed contractors for removal. Ecotelligent Homes uses a third-party contractor to test air quality to ensure proper removal.

Mold Removal — Ecotelligent Homes goes beyond removing mold from your Bloomfield Hills home. Our team works to find the cause of the moisture problem that is leading to mold. We then determine the best solution to stop the moisture from occurring, so mold does not return.

If you are interested in creating a comfortable home for you and your family year-round, give us a call at 248-291-7815 or fill out our contact form. The team at Ecotelligent Homes can help Bloomfield Hills customers find energy rebate programs for their energy efficiency upgrades.


Ecotelligent Homes is a home performance contractor, which means we are a one-stop-shop and we manage the project from start to finish. We follow a three-step process when assessing and improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

We can identify the source of your comfort, health and efficiency issues and present you with a solution to resolve the problem at its root.

Our licensed and insured team will install your improvements to industry-leading standards.

Our quality assurance check confirms the quality of our work and its impact on your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and health.