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Ecotelligent Homes can help replace your home’s source of energy from fossil fuels to electric replacements. The electrification process can help decrease the greenhouse gas emissions from a home. It can also improve its indoor air quality.

What is electrification?

Electrification is the process of changing a source of energy from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas to electricity. The process of switching over to electricity and using renewable resources can help reduce a home or building’s carbon dioxide emissions.

What is the process of electrifying your home?

Electrifying your home starts with switching over energy sources that are utilizing natural gas, propane or oil. After items in a home have been switched over to electricity, it is then important to focus on utilizing renewable energy to offset the increase in electricity. Using renewable energy can be done in a few ways. One way is by adding solar panels to your home or a solar panel grid in your yard. The other option is to work with a utility company such as DTE Energy in Metro Detroit that uses solar and wind sources to help create electricity.

What items can I replace with electrification?

Ecotelligent primarily focuses on installing air source heat pumps to replace HVAC systems for electrification. An air source heat pump uses mechanical energy to move heat in or out of the home depending on the season, to then heat or cool your home. It is important to consider switching your air conditioner over to an air source heat pump as opposed to replacing it with a new A/C system due to its lifespan. An HVAC system can last 15 to 20 years, meaning your home will be using fossil fuels to heat and cool for that life span as opposed to electricity and renewable energy sources.

Replacing your HVAC system with an air source heat pump will have the most significant impact on reducing your home’s carbon emissions, but there are other items to consider switching over to electricity. When the time arises, consider switching your stoves and ovens, dryer and water heater over to electric alternatives.

Why should an energy audit take place before electrification?

Switching to an electricity-based source of energy can greatly help reduce carbon emissions, but there are additional ways to help make your home more energy efficient before the electrification process. An energy audit will examine your home’s insulation to ensure it is helping keep your home at a comfortable temperature and not losing heat or cold air through drafts. Fixing these items before starting the electrification process will make your home more efficient and switching to electric heat sources more effective.

Why work with Ecotelligent for electrification?

The team at Ecotelligent Homes has taken specialized electrification training through Michigan Saves to receive an Electrification Badge. These training courses have provided our team with the skill set to help you reduce your home’s reliance on fossil fuels. Learn more about the Electrification Badge here.

Contact the Ecotelligent Homes team today to learn more about electrification for your home.

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Ecotelligent Homes is a home performance contractor, which means we are a one-stop-shop and we manage the project from start to finish. We follow a three-step process when assessing and improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

We can identify the source of your comfort, health and efficiency issues and present you with a solution to resolve the problem at its root.

Our licensed and insured team will install your improvements to industry-leading standards.

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