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Energy Consultation for Milford, Michigan Homes

Ecotelligent Homes has been helping homes in Milford, Michigan with energy efficiency improvements since 2009. Through an energy audit and consultation, our certified team can identify areas throughout your home that are allowing energy-wasting drafts to cause hot and cold spots.

Our goal is to help our Milford clients figure out what is causing uncomfortable temperatures in their homes. After we establish what is affecting the level of comfort in the home, Ecotelligent’s expert team will suggest realistic solutions to even out the temperatures from room to room, seal off any air leaks and make efficiency upgrades where they are necessary. A year-round, comfortable living environment is accessible for Milford, MI homeowners, Ecotelligent is here to help.

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Home Performance Services

After evaluating your home with an energy audit that includes a blower door test, Ecotelligent Homes will identify possible areas of improvement for energy efficiency. Your energy consultant will review how one or more of the following services can help enhance the comfort of your home. Once Ecotelligent completes our recommended services, we will come back to reevaluate your home’s energy efficiency again to ensure your home has a regulated temperature year-round. Our team will also make any necessary improvements if we identify a flaw during our quality assurance check.


Ecotelligent Homes will recommend insulation improvements for your home to help improve the home’s energy efficiency. In addition, a properly insulated home will be more comfortable year-round.

Spray Foam Insulation — Closed cell spray foam insulation has expansion properties that allow it to be used for various applications in your Milford home. It is ideal for crawlspaces, basement rim joists, open walls and more. Ecotelligent uses spray foam that cures much quicker than other insulation materials, meaning you can enjoy your comfortable home faster.

Cellulose Insulation — Adding cellulose insulation to the attic can help eliminate uneven temperatures in your Milford home. Blown in cellulose insulation is also ideal for walls that currently have drywall covering them. Ecotelligent Homes uses Michigan-made cellulose insulation making it an eco-friendly choice as well as making your home more energy efficient.

Attic Insulation – If your home gets icicles and ice dams in the winter and has uneven temperatures throughout the year, your attic’s insulation might be lacking. Adding cellulose insulation and air sealing can prevent energy loss while improving the comfort and durability of your Milford home.

Crawlspace Insulation – If you are looking for crawlspace insulation in Milford, Ecotelligent can help. By installing closed cell spray foam insulation and vapor barriers your crawlspace can turn into a clean usable area. Crawlspace insulation can also help deter pests from your home.

Rim Joist Insulation — Rim joist insulation involves insulating the area between the outer edge of your Milford home’s floor and the foundation wall or band joist.  These rim joists often contribute to heat loss in houses and cold floors, but by insulating this space, you can enhance the energy efficiency of your home.

Pole Barn Insulation — Pole barn insulation can be the solution for enabling the year-round use of your pole barn in Milford. Applying spray foam insulation to your pole barn can provide numerous benefits. Not only can it help regulate the temperature inside, making it more comfortable, but it may also contribute to reducing pest infestations, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your pole barn.

Air Sealing — A home energy audit can show where energy is escaping and where it needs to be sealed to improve the efficiency of your Milford home. Leaks can be found in many places including windows, doors and lights. Air sealing can improve your home’s indoor air quality as well.

Heating and Cooling

Stay cozy in the winter and cool in the summer with an efficient HVAC system for your Milford home. Ecotelligent Homes can help you find the right heating and cooling solution for your home.

High-Efficiency Furnaces — Keep your Milford home warm during the winter with a high-efficiency furnace. Ecotelligent Homes can help select the right high-efficiency furnace for your home based on its energy rating and the cost of energy sources.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners — Michigan’s summer can be grueling at times, which is why your home needs a high-efficiency air conditioner that can keep up with the warm temperatures. Ecotelligent Homes will determine the best high-efficiency air conditioner for your Milford Home.

Duct Sealing — The small gaps in ductwork often get overlooked which can prevent air from making it to its proper destination. The gaps can cause your HVAC system to overwork and can lead to energy waste. Ecotelligent knows that sealing any duct leaks can lead to improved air quality, comfort and efficiency.

Air Source Heat Pump — If you’re seeking a heating and cooling alternative to traditional air conditioners and furnaces, an air source heat pump is worth considering for your Milford home. This system has the capability to transfer warm air from the outdoors to the indoors during winter and vice versa during the summer. An air source heat pump is often paired with a high-efficiency furnace for extremely cold temperatures.

Renewable Energy

After making energy efficiency upgrades such as insulation improvements to your Milford home, consider renewable energy. Ecotelligent Homes can make suggestions to decrease your carbon footprint.

Geothermal Heat Pump — Geothermal heat pumps harness the consistent temperature of the ground to regulate indoor climate, resulting in reduced consumption while ensuring a comfortable Milford home.

Solar Energy — Have you ever considered getting a solar panel installed on your Milford home? Even during the winter in Michigan, you can preserve natural resources while having an efficient home. Solar installation should be made after energy efficiency upgrades have been made to your home.

Electrification — Electrification offers numerous advantages, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing the air quality within your home, and improving overall energy efficiency. By shifting from fossil fuels to electricity in your Milford home, you can achieve these benefits. Electrification prioritizes the utilization of renewable energy sources like solar power, as opposed to relying on non-renewable sources.

Healthy Home

Being comfortable in your Milford home is important, but having a healthy home free of toxins is too. Ecotelligent Homes provides healthy home services to keep your home safe.

Indoor Air Quality Testing — Indoor air quality testing can help identify common pollutants in your home. These contaminants can lead to worse allergies and asthma among other health conditions if they are not removed from the home.

Asbestos Abatement — If your Milford home has vermiculite insulation, it is likely filled with asbestos. If the asbestos material is moved, the asbestos can become airborne and negatively impact your health. Due to this, it is important that a team of trained professionals, such as Ecotelligent Homes, removes and discards it properly.

Mold Remediation — Mold remediation is necessary for a safe and clean home. After removing mold, Ecotelligent Homes will find the cause of mold in your Milford home. It is essential to find the source of the mold to prevent it from returning.

Learn more about how we can help make your home comfortable by contacting us via our contact form or call us at 248-291-7815. We are also happy to help you learn about energy rebates for your Milford home.


Ecotelligent Homes is a home performance contractor, which means we are a one-stop-shop and we manage the project from start to finish. We follow a three-step process when assessing and improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

We can identify the source of your comfort, health and efficiency issues and present you with a solution to resolve the problem at its root.

Our licensed and insured team will install your improvements to industry-leading standards.

Our quality assurance check confirms the quality of our work and its impact on your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and health.