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Northville, Michigan Energy Assessments

Ecotelligent Homes services the Metro-Detroit area including Northville, Michigan with energy audits. Energy audits are conducted to determine how your Northville home can improve its heating, cooling, insulation or duct systems to become more energy efficient.

One of the most important steps in improving the comfort of your living environment is a comprehensive energy assessment of your Northville, MI home. This assessment, or audit, allows the certified contractor to see the cause of your uneven room temperatures, where you may have a lack of insulation or what areas of your home have air leaks. If you are looking for an energy efficiency professional in Northville, it is critical to work with someone who is trustworthy and experienced.

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Home Performance Services

Our team of certified auditors will conduct a variety of tests during an energy audit to determine the possible improvements that can be made to eliminate energy waste in your home. Once the energy audit is complete, Ecotelligent can recommend one or more of the services below. After completing the recommended services, Ecotelligent will come back and test to ensure the energy efficient changes are benefiting your Northville home.


At Ecotelligent Homes, we can enhance your home’s comfort by installing insulation in different areas of your home. We offer various types of insulation that can be added based on your specific requirements. Below are the insulation options we provide for you to explore:

Spray Foam Insulation — Ecotelligent Homes professionally installs closed cell spray foam insulation in a wide variety of applications to stop energy wasting drafts. It is important to have a trained contractor install this form of insulation because it can be dangerous if installed incorrectly. Spray foam insulation is primarily used in open areas of your home, such as your wall before drywall is installed, or basement rim joists.

Cellulose Insulation — Northville residents know how brutal the winters and summers can be in Michigan. Cellulose insulation is a reliable way to combat intense weather while keeping your home comfortable. The cellulose insulation Ecotelligent uses is made in Michigan from recycled newspapers, making it environmentally friendly.

Attic Insulation — Taking preventative measures like attic insulation will not only keep your Northville house safe but also will help stabilize your home’s temperature. Attic insulation will help you avoid ice dams and icicles while also preventing heat loss and unnecessary air infiltration in your home.

Crawlspace Insulation — Northville home inspectors agree that crawlspace insulation is the best way to clean up your crawlspace while improving the air quality of your home. Closed cell spray foam insulation in your Northville crawlspace will improve your home’s energy efficiency and enhance your comfort.

Rim Joist Insulation — Rim joist insulation is important for your Northville home because this area is a common source of heat loss and air infiltration in homes. Without proper rim joist insulation, the cold air from outside can infiltrate through the rim joist and into the living space causing discomfort and higher energy bills.

Pole Barn Insulation — Pole barn insulation can help improve energy efficiency by preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Using spray foam insulation in your Northville pole barn is also beneficial to reduce noise, moisture control and increased durability.

Air Sealing — Using several industry-leading products like single part and two-part spray foam along with high-performance caulk, we can help eliminate unwanted drafts in your Northville home. By reducing the amount of air that leaks into or out of your home, your home will stay at a more consistent temperature and be more comfortable.

Heating & Cooling

With the unpredictable nature of Michigan’s weather, it is wise to have heating and cooling systems in place that will promote comfortable temperatures year-round. Ecotelligent Homes can help you select the right energy efficient heating and cooling for your Northville home.

Air Source Heat Pump — Consider an air source heat pump for your home’s heating and cooling needs in Northville. An air source heat pump can move warm air from outside to inside during the winter and from inside to outside during the summer. For extreme cold temperatures, air source heat pumps can be paired with high-efficiency furnaces for optimal results.

High-Efficiency Furnaces — High-efficiency furnaces are designed to use fuel more efficiently to reduce their impact on the environment. Ecotelligent Homes can help you pick the right high-efficiency furnace for your Northville home to ensure it keeps your home warm and comfortable on Michigan’s coldest days.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners — If you live in Northville and are looking for an energy-efficient air conditioning solution, Ecotelligent Homes can help. A high-efficiency air conditioner will provide you with an even cool temperature throughout your home, improved indoor air quality, and a quieter system.

Duct Sealing — Heating and cooling systems must work overtime when a Northville home has ductwork leaks. These leaks cause very inefficient and wasteful systems throughout houses but can easily be fixed with duct sealing. Ensure your HVAC system isn’t constantly working with duct sealing.

Renewable Energy

Switching to renewable energy solutions is beneficial not only for the environment but for homeowners. Combining renewable energy with energy efficient home improvements can create zero energy bills for Northville residents.

Geothermal Heat Pump — If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, Ecotelligent Homes can help you achieve your goal by installing a geothermal heat pump at your Northville home. Geothermal heat pump systems are an eco-friendly solution that capitalizes on the consistent ground temperature of about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. These heat pumps transfer heat to or from the ground, effectively maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home while saving energy.

Solar Energy — Achieve zero net energy or get off the grid by combining energy efficiency upgrades with a high-quality solar energy system for your Northville home. Energy-efficient upgrades can reduce the size of your solar array or enable you to sell excess energy back to the utility company. Solar panels work well even during Michigan’s cooler months with less sunshine.

Electrification — Electrifying your Northville home means replacing natural gas, propane, or oil energy sources with electricity. To offset the increased electricity usage, using renewable energy is crucial. Ecotelligent specializes in installing air source heat pumps to replace HVAC systems for electrification.

Healthy Home

Ecotelligent Homes prioritizes the health and safety of your family. Our healthy home services include indoor air quality testing, asbestos abatement, mold removal, lead testing in paint, and duct cleaning to ensure clean air and a hazard-free environment.

Indoor Air Quality Testing —Ecotelligent Homes completes an indoor air quality test during our energy audits to ensure your Northville home is safe in addition to being comfortable. During our indoor air quality testing, we look at five key indicators: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, total volatile organic compound and particle matter.

Asbestos Abatement — Asbestos abatement is the process of identifying, containing, and removing asbestos-containing materials from your Northville home. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that was widely used in construction materials for its heat resistance, durability, and insulation properties. However, prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers can cause serious health problems, therefore, if identified in our home, it should safely be removed by certified professionals.

Mold Remediation — Ecotelligent Homes eliminates mold from your Northville home while addressing the root cause of the moisture problem causing it. We use our building science expertise to prevent mold from returning by addressing moisture issues. Hidden areas like the attic, crawl space, and insulation, commonly harbor mold, evidenced by a musty odor, warped walls, black spots on HVAC filters, and water damage events.

An energy audit can uncover several problems in Northville, Michigan homes. If you are interested in fixing uneven temperatures, drafty windows, or the indoor air quality of your home, give us a call at 248-291-7815 or fill out our contact form. There are even energy rebates for Northville homes.


Ecotelligent Homes is a home performance contractor, which means we are a one-stop-shop and we manage the project from start to finish. We follow a three-step process when assessing and improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

We can identify the source of your comfort, health and efficiency issues and present you with a solution to resolve the problem at its root.

Our licensed and insured team will install your improvements to industry-leading standards.

Our quality assurance check confirms the quality of our work and its impact on your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and health.