Ecotelligent Homes re-insulated our garage ceiling. They rearranged their schedule to accommodate ours, and they started work promptly. When I noticed some areas that needed additional insulation, the owner came out to our house and told me that she would make sure everything was right. And she did. Finally, they brought in a superb drywall installer who made our garage ceiling look better than new. If you want a company that is knowledgeable, stands by their work, cares about their customers, and does a great job, Ecotelligent Homes should be on your short list.

-Gary W.

Everyone was professional and very satisfied with the outcome.
First frost says it all.

Mark S.

We are so impressed with this company! We added insulation, had our ducts sealed, and they found that the ducts in our almost hundred-year-old home were lined with asbestos. It showed the air quality was fine, and was not getting into the air we breathe however, if it was ever disturbed, it would become a problem. It was easily encapsulated and problem solved, and now we have documentation if we ever decide to sell. Everything they did they were able to substantiate and show us the evidence of how our energy use changed. When we saw how much dirt came out of our ductwork , we were astonished! It also was a very fair price for everything, much less than the other estimates we got. They did the job quickly, their crews were very clean and cleaned up after themselves, and it was a pretty big job all the way around. I can’t say enough about this company! They are the best at what they do!

Nanine S.

EcoIntelligent Homes did a great job of addressing my home energy loss issues, not only by recommending and providing insulation, but by assessing and prioritizing areas that provided the most energy efficient solutions. They are courteous, professional, and very responsive.

Anthony T.

I’d highly recommend Ecotelligent. They’re very knowledgeable, professional, and have great communication standards. Getting a whole house efficiency assessment is great, just for the amount of info they provide and what you learn about your house. This work isn’t cheap, but that’s because they do it right. They do most of the work for you to get any rebates and tax breaks possible on the work, which helps a bit with that. As many other reviewers say, the increase in comfort feels totally worth it now that it’s been done. Their work is also PEARL certified, which should increase the appraisal price on the home whenever I move on. Below is a detailed account of my experience with them.

We called Ecotelligent in early 2023 to come for an energy assessment and recommendations. We had an assessor named Tom who was really nice and thorough. He gave us a report of the state of our home efficiency and found some surprise asbestos! He offered 3 different treatment recommendations on a spectrum of price and completeness. We decided to abate the asbestor, redo our attic insulation, and do foam insulation between the floor joists.

From here, they assigned Anne who managed the project. We needed to do some other work around the house before the attic insulation could happen, and they were fine with us scheduling out in the future (and rescheduling a couple times).

We had multiple days worth of work, everyone was really nice, happy to answer many questions from a nosy/curious customer, and incredibly thorough on cleanup. Anne was very communicative with updates and follow-ups.

Our final blower door test results showed our leakage cut down by half! For the rest of the summer, our AC would only turn on a few times on most days. It’s been much better, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much more comfortable it is this winter! Andra, their administrator, followed up by applying for our rebate with Consumer’s and sending all the info about claiming the cost of insulation materials on our next tax return for even more money back.

Reed B.

We had EcoTelligent come out to our house for asbestos removal. We had great communication from the beginning quote stages through the actual work phase. Pricing was competitive. The specialists left our basement cleaner than we left it. Would use this company again in a heartbeat.

Joseph R.

Prompt, professional and polite. Respectful of property. Stephanie and crew did an awesome job with insulation, venting and installation. Cleanup was impeccable as if they were never here. Everything was explained thoroughly and completed in a timely manner.

Kathleen M.

Fast, clean, and very polite..

Edward G.

What truly sets Ecotelligent homes apart is their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Every question I had was answered with patience and expertise, making me feel valued and informed. The level of knowledge demonstrated by their team is truly impressive.

I would highly recommend Ecotelligent homes to anyone in search of top-notch service.

Randy S.

First class service all the way. Brandon did an exceptional job with our bid. He explained the scope of work and made certain that we could schedule the work to maximize all the credits that were available.
We were thrilled with Stephanie and her entire team with all the work remediation of existing mold as well removing old insulation and installing new..They respected our home and made sure the entire process was done cleanly and efficiently. They triple checked their work to verify the job was done correctly. I would highly recommend ecotelligent homes.

We are having them come back to our home to complete phase 2 in January.

Mike B.

Thank you for adding us to your news letter

We were very pleased with everyone involved in our project. This is the second time we were fortunate to work with your company again

Joe C.

Willlam and Ken was very professional and informative crew that helped me a lot thanks.

Edward T.

The team that has been here this week have all been hard working, professional, and honestly enjoyable, even with less than ideal circumstances with the heat and lack of power. They left the house spotless each day which was a bonus. I would highly recommend them.

Katie J.

Ecotelligent Homes is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. We had our attic insulation redone in our 1960’s home and the improvement is incredible. They explained the process and gave us various solutions to choose from without being pushy at all. Would 100% recommend.

Lynn L.

Throughout the process everyone at Ecotelligent was well-informed, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. As with any such work, there were surprises, and each time it was very well handled. I highly recommend them.

Greg M.

Tom Needham, from Ecotelligent Homes (EH), did an energy assessment on our house and then essentially acted as a contractor, organizing the work (with Cappy, but EH personnel did install some insulation as part of the larger project). We are extremely happy with EH’s performance. 1) The completed work has provided us with everything we wanted. 2) In every case, all of the personnel who came into our home–sometimes for several days–were professional, friendly, and competent. 3) At one point our house presented a complexity (how to merge new HVAC equipment with a pre-existing zoning setup) that seemed to threaten the chance of continuing with a zoned house (ie dividing our house into 3 sections, each with independent temperature controls/ducts). We reached out to Tom and he coordinated with colleagues at Cappy, to insure that we got what we wanted.

Linda J.

Excellent service all around. I had an energy audit and insulation upgrade and everything was top notch with consultation, selection of services, work days, and follow-up/rebates/certification.

Julie A.

We chose Ecotelligent Homes to upgrade our homes energy efficiency.
From our initial contact with Amanda to our interactions with Andra, Ann & Joe and his crew we can say we were very pleased with their efforts to keep us updated and aware of what they were doing and how the project turned out. A couple of minor, follow up issues were addressed promptly, which in my experience, doesn’t always happen.
We heartily recommend Ecotelligent Homes.

Ken N.

The workers were very professional and friendly. My questions about the process were answered promptly and courteously. The workers did a very good job of cleaning up after the work was finished. Information from the office before and after the work was done was excellent. I would definitely recommend using this company.

Elaine P.

Ecotelligent was great, very reliable. I appreciated their approach to analyzing and recommending solutions and they did the work as promised. I’m very pleased.

Alisa T.

Ecotelligent did mold remediation and insulation installation in my home and I couldn’t be happier. Every person on their team that I interacted with was incredibly professional and provided really great customer service, which made the whole experience that much better. While they weren’t the cheapest quote I received, the quality of and confidence that I have in the work that they did was absolutely worth it. They left my house clean and you can tell that their team takes a lot of pride in their work, which I think is awesome. I would highly recommend them.

Courtney V.

Excellent service and experience! Vermiculite insulation was discovered during our audit, and we had Ecotelligent Homes remove this hazardous material and re-insulate both of our attic spaces. They were very meticulous and careful, ensuring the air quality was meeting state standards through every step of the process. Our 2nd floor especially is much more comfortable and we sleep well at night knowing the vermiculite is no longer in our home. We would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks Ecotelligent!

Jeff A.

Excellent people to work with. Energy Audit was done prior and after new insulation installed. Look forward to lower heating/cooling costs and better air quality with work done to help eliminate moisture in our attic.

Sandra A.

Ecotelligent Homes removed the old insulation from our attic (which contained asbestos) and blew in the amount/depth of insulation that is recommended today. This was a huge undertaking because abating asbestos is a serious business. At every step of the process, from evaluating the insulation already in our attic, to explaining the process, to preparing the house, to removing the old insulation and installing the new, to monitoring and certifying the air quality in our home, everyone seemed to pay meticulous attention to detail, and was very serious about safety and compliance with state standands. Everyone responded to our questions and concerns with timely and complete answers. The company also removed our old attic fan, and changed the location of our attic access. We are very happy with their work.

Bob and Karen A.

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