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Air Source Heat Pump

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Ecotellignet Homes can help you install an air source heat pump for your Metro Detroit home. An air source heat pump can replace your home’s air conditioning unit. While it replaced your air conditioner, the air source heat pump can be used to both cool and heat your home.

Why should you consider an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump is an efficient replacement for your home’s air conditioner and it’s an efficient alternative to heating your home. Heat pumps run on electricity and are recommended for homeowners looking to electrify their homes. Electrification is the process of switching your home to run on all electrical power to get away from equipment that burns natural gas or other fossil fuels. The electrical consumption can easily be offset with renewable energy, like solar energy panels on your home or provided through a utility program.

How does an air source heat pump work?

An air source heat pump captures heat from outside into a liquid refrigerant. The pump uses electricity to heat or cool the liquid refrigerant depending on the season. It is then condensed back to be released and distribute the warm or cool air throughout your home. Your refrigerator works like a heat pump too, it remove the heat from inside the frigid and dispels the heat as warm air.

Do air source heat pumps work in Michigan’s colder weather?

Yes, air source heat pumps work year-round in Michigan. Our cold climate heat pumps with variable speeds and compressors can efficiently capture heat from the outside when temps are as low as -5 degrees F.  For the super cold days we install a back up heat source. We have two options for your back up: a high efficiency natural gas furnace, or an electric back up.

Why do I need an energy audit before installing an air source heat pump?

To ensure an air source heat pump can properly heat or cool your home, it is important you have the right size heat pump. Through our energy audit, Ecotelligent Homes can evaluate your home’s insulation, drafts as well as your home’s furnace and ductwork. These factors and potential upgrades you could make in these areas will help determine what size air source heat pump to install for your home.

Interested in learning more about an air source heat pump for your Metro Detroit home?

Metro Detroit cities such as Ann Arbor and Royal Oak are striving to reach climate goals making now a great time to focus on reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Let the Ecotelligent team help you make the switch to an air source heat pump. Give us a call at 248-291-7815 or send us a message through our website.

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