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Ecotelligent Homes was founded in 2009 by Owner, Amanda Godward to apply her engineering knowledge to her passion for environmental stewardship. She left her mechanical engineering position in the automotive industry for entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back since growing Ecotelligent Homes from a home-based part-time hobby to an award-winning home performance company with a talented staff.

Amanda’s engineering background resonates throughout our organization. She prides herself on taking the time to train our install crews on building science so they understand the reasons why we install the improvements we do and can use their critical thinking skills to solve unique circumstances. She has created processes and standard operating procedures for every aspect of our projects, which assures that the same high quality work is being performed on all our projects.


Unlike many of our competitors, who treat energy audits as a means to supplement their primary business, Ecotelligent Homes started as an energy auditor. Insulation and heating and cooling improvements are part of the process, but not the sole motivation for our work. Therefore, the foundation of our company is and always will be to improve the comfort, efficiency, and safety of homes.

Our goal is to assess your home’s efficiency and educate you on why we recommend specific improvements based upon science that is quantifiable. Ecotelligent Homes is also dedicated to the continuous education of its staff and is constantly raising the bar with new techniques and improvements within the industry. We care about the environment and want to do our part to reduce our footprint, all while improving the comfort of our customer’s homes with honesty and integrity.

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