Jim & Louise


A historic farm house with character had drafts causing uncomfortable rooms. The house was also experiencing ice dams.


The Ecotelligent Homes team performed a comprehensive home energy audit to help identify the problem areas in the attic that needed improvements to eliminate uncomfortable places.


Our team used a combination of cellulose insulation and spray foam insulation in four different attic spaces. Additionally, we completed air sealing services. The different types of insulation and air sealing created proper ventilation of the attic space.


The comfort of the farmhouse increased significantly, and the family was able to enjoy the previously unused rooms in their house.

Services Provided


Jim and Louise were pleased with the “wonderful (install) crew…they worked diligently at the details that turned a good job into a great one!” But they were even more pleased to discover the improved comfort of their home. Louise explained, “Until today, this room has never been comfortable, it’s amazing.”