Energy Audits

Energy Audits & Assessments

Do you have a cold or drafty family room that never gets used in the winter, or a hot upstairs that is unbearable in the summer? Our certified comprehensive home energy audit will get to the root of your comfort problems and outline a personalized energy efficiency improvement plan to help you enjoy every room in your home all year long.

Why Should I Start My Home Improvement Project with an Energy Audit?

Consumers Reports and ENERGY STAR both recommend starting your home improvement project with a certified home energy assessment for the following reasons:

  • Evaluate all the systems of your home to understand how they impact your comfort
  • Ensure you install the best energy efficiency improvement for the investment
  • Confirm the health and safety of your home along with the energy efficiency

What To Expect from Your Ecotelligent Home Energy Audit

Ecotelligent Homes’ award-winning energy audit is among the most thorough evaluations in the Metro Detroit area, providing clear and actionable next steps to improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Our Comprehensive home energy audits and assessments provide you with the best solution for reducing your energy use.

Energy Audit Methodology Ecotelligent

A Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy auditor will come to your home and perform the energy assessment. Home Energy Audits typically include all of the following in a single 3-4 hour appointment:

  • Visual inspections of your attics, crawl spaces and basements for insulation

    and  ventilation

  • Health and safety tests for natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide testing in your furnace and water heater exhaust

  • Efficiency evaluations of your heating and cooling equipment and ductwork system

  • Blower door testing to measure the total amount of drafts in your home and compare to indoor air quality standards

  • Thermal infrared scans to identify missing or flawed insulation and to locate the source of your drafts and air leaks

  • Clear and concise presentation of the findings comparing your home to ENERGY STAR standards

  • Three detailed quotes for Ecotelligent Homes to install the insulation, HVAC, or renewable energy solutions for your home

  • Details on available energy efficiency rebates, tax credits, and financing

Is it Better to Work with an Independent Energy Auditor or a Home Performance Contractor?

Ecotelligent Homes is a home performance contractor, which means we are a one-stop-shop and we manage the project from start to finish. We follow a three-step process when assessing and improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Step 1: Identify Energy Improvements

Our certified staff perform energy audits and use their building science background to identify the energy efficiency improvements needed to solve your home’s specific issues.

Step 2: Install the Improvements

Our licensed and trained team installs those improvements like insulation, heating and cooling equipment and renewable energy systems.

Step 3: Quality Assurance Check

Our certified staff performs a quality assurance check (basically another energy audit) to confirm the quality of the install and the health and safety of your home.

Independent energy auditors, on the other hand, do not install improvements. They rely on the homeowner to act as a general contractor to coordinate all the skilled trades. You don’t take your car to one mechanic for diagnosis and then relay the message to another mechanic for the repair, so why would you do that with your home?

The Ecotelligent Advantage

Energy Audit Ecotelligent


Home performance contractors can identify more customized improvements and transfer that detailed information and work scope to their in-house installation teams for a seamless install. And if an issue is identified during our Six Point Quality Assurance Check, which we must admit can happen from time to time, we have processes in place to ensure a timely and accurate repair, whereas an independent energy auditor typically relies on the homeowner to hunt down the contractors and enforce the quality issue.

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