Dave & Christiane


Dave & Christiane had recently downsized to a unique Ann Arbor ranch home. They wanted to improve the efficiency and indoor air quality of their new home to enjoy a comfortable place with family and friends.


During a comprehensive energy audit, the Ecotelligent staff identified several areas for insulation improvement and a need for ventilation to improve indoor air quality.


Ecotelligent Homes removed the poor quality original insulation in the attic, and air sealed and insulated the attic floor. Before insulating the attic, we worked with our electricians to wire in a new ENERGY STAR bath fan. Once the electricians completed the wiring, our team ensured proper exhaust venting out of the attic space. We also installed closed cell spray foam in the basement rim joist to keep temperatures even on both levels of the home.


Dave & Christiane are enjoying a comfortable and healthy home.

Services Provided


“We are enjoying our newly weatherized home and already notice that the furnace does not run as much.”