Al W. is concerned about saving the Earth. While he updated the mechanical system in his home, he knew more could be done to make his home energy efficient.


Ecotelligent started by conducting an energy audit. During the audit, we found that the attic insulation was below ENERGY STAR levels and had multiple air leaks. We also discovered poor insulation around the basement rim joists which allowed for air leaks. Leakage points in the duct system were identified as contributing causes of uneven temperatures in one area of the home.


The Ecotelligent team removed the squished and damaged attic insulation. We then air sealed the attic and added additional insulation to reach an ENERGY STAR R-49 rating. Our team replaced the fiberglass insulation at the basement rim joists with spray foam insulation to improve the air and thermal barrier. Lastly, we sealed up the ducts to get better airflow to all the rooms in the home.


Al’s home is more comfortable due to our improvements and energy-efficient. He was so happy with our work and improved efficiency; he told his whole neighborhood!

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