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Ecotelligent Homes can help your family enjoy reliable year round comfort with industry leading natural gas furnaces and central air conditioning installed by NATE certified technicians and backed by a 10-year limited warranty.  We evaluate your home as a whole system and make personalized recommendations to improve various components of your HVAC system, including:

  • High-efficiency furnaces

  • High-efficiency air conditioners

  • Duct sealing

Don’t Wait for Your Old and Outdated Furnace or Air Conditioner to Fail

Don’t be rushed into a decision because your old equipment breaks down.  Plan ahead so your family can stay consistently warm and cozy throughout the winter with a Carrier Infinity furnace that has an efficiency rating of up to 98.5%.  Enjoy a calm and cool summer with an ENERGY STAR rated A/C system that controls temperature and humidity.  

Do Your Vents or Registers Have Low Flow?

We have helped customers in Farmington Hills and Northville improve the airflow to all of the rooms in their home.  You should not have to adjust the dampers on your ductwork throughout the year or invest in a gimmick like an inline duct fan or booster vent.  Our team will evaluate all of the systems of your HVAC equipment and determine if the root cause of the flow issue requires a new furnace with a high-efficiency blower motor or if you simply need to seal the leaks in your ductwork.

Call 248-291-7815 to learn how heating and cooling improvements can help keep your family comfortable all year long.

Furnace Ecotelligent
Keep your home comfortable all winter long with consistently reliable heat provided by an industry leading Carrier high-efficiency furnace. Ecotelligent Homes can help your family enjoy a warm and cozy home with a high performing natural gas furnace installed by NATE certified technicians and backed by a 10-year limited warranty.
Summer Air Conditioning Family
Keep your home comfortable all summer long with consistently reliable cooling provided by an industry leading Carrier high-efficiency air conditioner. Ecotelligent Homes can help your family enjoy a cool and calm home with a high-performing central air condition unit installed by NATE certified technicians and backed by a 10-year limited warranty.
Air Conditioning Duct
Duct sealing is an often overlooked, but critical component of a comprehensive home energy upgrade. This is an important step for improving energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality.

Our Customers are Saying

  • “They were very professional. Showed us exactly where we need to insulate to help warm up a very cold room over the garage.
    Linda H.
    February, 2014

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Our Work

Farmington Hills, MI family is sleeping more soundly at night thanks to the work of Ecotelligent Homes!

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Repeat customers of Ecotelligent Homes from Northville, MI

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Our Methodology

Energy Audit Ecotelligent
Get to the root cause of your home’s comfort problems with our BPI certified Comprehensive Home Energy Audit.
Ecotelligent Insulation
Enjoy a comfortable home all year long with our professionally installed cellulose blown in insulation and spray foam insulation.
Warm Family
Have peace of mind with reliable year round comfort from our high efficiency furnace and central air conditioning systems.
Renewable Energy Ecotelligent
Get your home off the grid or achieve zero net energy by pairing your energy efficiency improvements with geothermal or solar.