Newsletter: Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day with Ecotelligent Homes of Farmington Hills, MI
April, 2017

Do Your Part to Help the Earth - Starting with Your Very Own Home!

Starting with a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit, Ecotelligent Homes can not only make your home more energy efficient, but also more safe and comfortable in the process!  It's a win-win for you and the environment, so call us today!

Project Spotlight

Spread the Good Word!

Al of Brighton, MI told all his neighbors about Ecotelligent Homes in Farmington Hills, MI

Al W. of Brighton, MI is so concerned about saving the Earth, that he told all his neighbors about the work we did to improve not only the comfort, but energy efficiency of his home!  We brought his attic insulation up to Energy Star R49 rating, air sealed his basement rim joists, and sealed his leaky air ducts.  He urged his neighbors to do their part as he is doing his. The bigger question is: are you doing yours?     

About Us

HPC National Home Performance Conference, Part 2

Amanda Godward of Ecotelligent Homes attends 2017 HPC National Home Performance Conference

Amanda is back from the 2017 National Home Performance Conference where she not only learned about the latest and greatest in home performance, but she was also asked to speak for her  fourth time!  At the event, Mike Rogers, a leader in the industry, was inducted into the Building Performance Institute Hall of Fame.  During his acceptance speech and in the blog he wrote after the weekend in Nashville, he recognized Amanda for "showing how the logic of automotive engineering can be brought to bear on a contracting business".  We're very proud of the work our fearless leader has done and continues to do in the Home Performance Industry!

Customer Shout Out

Help Your Neighbor, Help the Earth

These fellow Metro-Detroiters helped their friends and the environment this month by recommending the experts at Ecotelligent Homes!  

Ashley S. of Ferndale, MI
Eric D. of Livonia, MI

Steven V, of Auburn Hills, MI
Strawberry Solar of Detroit, MI