Your Baby’s Nursery Looks Adorable, But Will It Be Healthy & Comfortable?

It’s easy for expecting parents to get excited about decorating their new nursery, but don’t forget to think about what is going on behind those beautifully decaled walls that could cause poor air quality or what could be missing underneath that adorable area rug that could make your baby’s room too cold.

At Ecotelligent Homes we help new parents ensure the comfort, heath and safety of their little one’s new room with our Comprehensive Home Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Improvements.  Our energy audit gets to the root cause of your comfort concerns and tests for health and safety issues related to indoor air quality.  Our dedicated team will then install the specific improvements needed for your unique home from insulation to heating and cooling upgrades to give you peace of mind about your baby’s comfort and health.

Whether you are like Valerie and Mike in Novi who called us over concerns of uneven temperatures between the 1st floor master and 2nd floor children’s rooms, or Brittany & Jared of Canton who reluctantly had to run space heaters because their son’s room was colder than the rest of the house, our professional team can help you become a satisfied customer and prepared parent like Brittany and Jared who had this to say,

“Ecotelligent Homes was great to work with.  They were kind, courteous, thorough, and very in tune with our main concern which was finding the issue with the temperature in our son’s bedroom…after we went through with their recommendations I am so happy and pleased to report that his rooms is now 0-5 (at most!) degrees different.  We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Amanda and her team through and through.  Thank you Ecotelligent Homes!”

Maybe your new bundle of joy will be moving into a room that you haven’t used.  Michael and Megan of Farmington Hills were not sure if there would be any issues in the room because it was previously only used for storage.  Our team identified an area of their new nursery that allowed dirty inefficient attic air to enter the nursery and an area that was poorly insulated causing colder floors. After installing insulation and air sealing improvements Mom and Dad could rest easy about the new space.

Give yourself peace of mind that your little one will be cozy and safe, call Ecotelligent Homes today to ensure your nursery and home are ready before baby arrives.