Great experience. By far the best home service visit we have ever had.

-Justin & Shawn V., South Lyon

Great professionalism. Loved seeing the evidence for my own eyes and having the opportunity after improvements as well.

Sarah B.

Jamie and Nick [were] very comprehensive, enthusiastic, [and had] good communication skills.

Kam & Dolly A.
Farmington Hills

Very professional and thorough as they [were] friendly.

Alvin & Susi S.
West Bloomfield Township

Jamie & Nick were fantastic. Very informative and made the process very enjoyable. I was so satisfied with my experience I recommended Ecotelligent Homes to many people at my work.

David C.

Workers were very respectful of [our] home and did an excellent job.

Chris & Rebecca S.
South Lyon

Jamie and Nick are great! Very knowledgeable, while being very nice and personable. Fay, Smith, and the entire crew were amazing. Thank you so much! The entire staff was always willing to stop and answer any questions we had. The data we were given at the end was superb.

David & Jamie G.

Professional, knowledgeable, honest, and reliable.

Lisa & Karl S.

So far so good. Knowledgeable, friendly, clean and efficient. Best of all, right in price range with other vendors that do not do all the procedures. Just signed contract. Keep posted for results and feedback. So far everything I wanted. I wanted to know the science behind keeping my house efficient – needless to say -important to me to get right the first time. So far very, very impressed. Feeling warmer already. Stay tune for final feedback. They come back and run all tests again to show you results. I know I made the right choice…2 months later. Could not be happier. House so much warmer – No cold upstairs rooms -even with fire place on. Very satisfied. Thank you.

Kirk W.

Awesome efficiency consultation today, learned so much, highly recommended!

David M.

Jamie and Nick came over at 9 am and gave a gold star energy audit. Very satisfied and recommend others consider their services.

Michael R.

Amazing difference in our quality of comfort! Thank you!!!

Jackie K.

Wonderful- team was more than accommodating- worked around our little one. Great experience!

Gavin E.
Ann Arbor

Amanda and Nick were knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with all my questions. I am confident they would ensure all work is completed to the highest standards. They provide a comprehensive report with multiple solutions. I have recommended them to co-workers and neighbors.

Kevin & Kim O.

We used Ecotelligent Homes of Farmington Hills and find them to be an excellent contractor…Their analysis uses a blower door, infrared camera, natural gas/carbon monoxide detectors, and visual inspection of attic and other areas of the thermal envelope. Our concern was not only insulation effectiveness but also indoor air quality … does the house “breathe” adequately or excessively? It was pointed out that the cold air returns and can lights leaked attic air into the house. So we decided to invest…with them to bring our attic insulation up to Energy Star R49 rating, sealing the rim joist in the unfinished portion of the basement, and reducing furnace duct leaks with a process called Aeroseal…We invested this money to further decrease the CO2 produced by our home heating. We all need to do our part…to reduce this as we heat/light our homes and choose our vehicles. Energy conservation is the best way.

Al W.
Brighton Township

Friendly, thorough, kept us informed. Excellent service, knowledgeable.

Oliver & Jean W.

[Ecotelligent Homes was] here to identify areas to make [our] home more efficient. They were here for a couple of hours, did a full audit, and had the report to me that same day. They gave me five different variations of the report. They were extremely personable and professional. I wasn’t put out at all in spite of the fact that they were all over the house.

Chris S.
South Lyon

We recently used Ecotelligent Homes. They specialize in doing audits and doing the follow-up improvements…They then provided 3 options for increasing our efficiency. There is no obligation to do any further work. We did most of their suggested Improvements and they were amazing to work with. Even a bit of money towards efficiency goes a long way and all improvements add to your home’s value directly.

Kimberly E.
Ann Arbor

They were very down to earth and able to explain what was wrong with the house in a way that we could understand. We don’t know all of the building terms, so it was helpful to understand what they were talking about.

Alison M.

We learned a lot from the initial blower door test and throughout the process. Everyone that we worked with was very professional and knowledgeable. I especially appreciate the extra effort and forthrightness of the team when they came out to do the final quality check and found some opportunity for improvement. They then scheduled the entire crew to come out for another full day – all of their own accord to follow through on their word. I greatly appreciate the honesty of the team. When it was all done the blower door test resulted in a 46% improvement (reduction in home air leaks)! I just had the work performed, so will be very curious to see how the interior of the house feels during the upcoming summer heat and winter cold!

Mike & Jill K.
Bloomfield Township

We loved the crew. They were friendly and we liked how much they liked our dog.

Jessica & Stan N.

I don’t envy your crew who are crawling through our tight, creepy spaces, but I’m grateful for the care you all seem to take in doing good work.

Joe W.
Ann Arbor

The team far exceeded our expectations.

Katie & Luis G.
Farmington Hills

It was a pleasure to work with [Ecotelligent Homes] at all levels! Thanks!

Gavin & Kim E.
Ann Arbor