We recently used Ecotelligent Homes. They specialize in doing audits and doing the follow-up improvements…They then provided 3 options for increasing our efficiency. There is no obligation to do any further work. We did most of their suggested Improvements and they were amazing to work with. Even a bit of money towards efficiency goes a long way and all improvements add to your home’s value directly.

-Kimberly E., Ann Arbor

They were very down to earth and able to explain what was wrong with the house in a way that we could understand. We don’t know all of the building terms, so it was helpful to understand what they were talking about.

Alison M.

We learned a lot from the initial blower door test and throughout the process. Everyone that we worked with was very professional and knowledgeable. I especially appreciate the extra effort and forthrightness of the team when they came out to do the final quality check and found some opportunity for improvement. They then scheduled the entire crew to come out for another full day – all of their own accord to follow through on their word. I greatly appreciate the honesty of the team. When it was all done the blower door test resulted in a 46% improvement (reduction in home air leaks)! I just had the work performed, so will be very curious to see how the interior of the house feels during the upcoming summer heat and winter cold!

Mike & Jill K.
Bloomfield Township

We loved the crew. They were friendly and we liked how much they liked our dog.

Jessica & Stan N.

I don’t envy your crew who are crawling through our tight, creepy spaces, but I’m grateful for the care you all seem to take in doing good work.

Joe W.
Ann Arbor

The team far exceeded our expectations.

Katie & Luis G.
Farmington Hills

It was a pleasure to work with [Ecotelligent Homes] at all levels! Thanks!

Gavin & Kim E.
Ann Arbor

Worked with everyone, Amanda, Shelly, Nick…Install Crew, etc. [and] never had a negative experience!

John H.

Everyone was highly professional and polite!

Joe W.
Ann Arbor

Ecotelligent Homes was great to work with. They were kind, courteous, thorough, and very in tune with our main concern which was finding the issue with the temperature in our son’s bedroom which was 10+ degrees more than the rest of the house. After we went through with their recommendations I am so happy and pleased to report that his room is now 0-5 (at most) degrees different. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Amanda & her team through & through. Thank you Ecotelligent Homes!

Brittany & Jared H.

The workers showed up on time each day and worked all day long. The project manager did an excellent job keeping me in th loop, explaining their plan and next steps each day. Typically there were four people on site doing the work, which was excellent quality, and clean up was full and complete. They also went the extra mile and painted the entire ceiling not just the local area they had to cut into. Overall, EXCELLENT work by the team, great customer focus & integrity! I can happily recoommend to others.

Mark K.
Auburn Hills

The crew was very easy to comminucate with. They were prompt to return calls & texts. Good flexibility with a change order mid-project

Scott V.
Farmington Hills

They went above & beyond to ensure success & customer satisfaction! Wonderful team!

Kim M.
Royal Oak

Smith & the crew were outstanding! Your team was very respectful & professional. Very good job cleaning up too!

Keith & Pamela L.

Every interaction we had with Ecotelligent Homes was top-notch! I am confident we will see a huge improvement in comfort!

John M.
Huntington Woods

It’s clear the teams recommendations are based on science and not just the way its always been done. The information they provided about their services instills confidence and set them apart from others offering similiar services. One would be hard pressed to find another company with the expertise & services Ecoteligent Homes offers.

Dr. Pamela H
Grosse Pointe Woods

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