“Guys did a good job as expected, very satisfied.  Just paid the invoice. Will be in touch in the spring/summer.”

-Chris B.

“Your customer service rivals Zingerman’s”

Keith K.

You really have a great team that came out to my home. I can tell they really like working together. The two rooms your team worked on is a big improvement, and another plus was it reduced street noise we hear at night in those rooms.

Patrick R.

showed up to the job early, Joe walked me through everything they were doing, kept me updated throughout the job, and they even cleaned up and disposed of all the garbage when they were finished.

Paul and Tina S.

“Low stress. Quick. Complete. They removed old attic insulation. Sealed all openings. Sprayed for mold control applied new blown in insulation. They even did an extra service closing my attic access for me. I could not be happier. I know I will be happy in January!”

Edy Z.

I’ve been very happy with the work! The house seals much better and climate control is dramatically improved.

Jeremy W.

I love this company! The owner walked us through several choices of how they could improve attic insulation for us. This 1967 house has a drip edge vent on 2 sides, which I have never had to deal with before, but Amanda had! I loved that she found a cost effective price to combine baffles and single cell foam on the top of the walls, allowing necessary air circulation. Then they offered cellulose to be blown in. Basically eco- friendly shredded newspaper. That felt like a more ecological than spraying that foam all over the floor, walls, and roof of the entire attic. The job was fit in 3 days after we met Amanda and she facilitated us getting a Michigan Saves loan for 10 y @ 4.9%. We didn’t need a down payment! The work crew, Joe, Rebecca and Fay, were prompt, and worked well. They cleaned out garbage left in the attic by the HVAC company last summer. They put down lots of drop cloths for where they walked as well as where the stowed their equipment AND wore booties inside. This is the cleanest crew I have ever hired! The blow-door test was performed before and after and the new insulation increases the heat inside by 43%! I believe my gas bills will decrease this winter! Amanda has an excellent notebook filled with information about their work, materials and lots of info why their system works so well. They have won lots of awards and deserve every one. I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Ecotelligent! I have had 5 different contractors work on this house this past year (roof, electrician, HVAC, cement and windows) and this company has been the best… and I have had some really good contractors! Save yourself some $$. Call Ecotelligent!

Christine C.

I called them because our new A/C was not able to keep up in high 80s temperatures. We knew that our insulation was way out of date, but we didn’t know how far, so we had them do an energy audit. Based on the results of that audit, they recommended replacing the cellulose insulation in the attic, sealing the top plates with spray foam, replacing some baffles, extending the bathroom fan vent to the roof, and insulating the rim joists with spray foam. We had them do it, even though they weren’t the cheapest game in town. The blower door test they did afterwards showed a 41% increase in efficiency, and our A/C is now able to keep up. Great job guys!

Kenneth B.

Great company. Audit was very thorough with explanation of options available to improve insulation. Team was clean, polite, and on time. Would recommend.

Phil W.

Good service had insulation blown, Joe& Stef did an awesome job along with the rest of the crew. They have some really hard working women that gets the job done. Stef can even handle the box truck . Trust worhy crew. They had full access to my home while We were out. I felt totally safe. Thanks to all the crew.

Richard D.

Friendly, knowledgeable, flexible, and the work is fantastic. Looking forward to phase 2 of my project!

Tom C.

Ecotelligent installed spray foam insulation at my house. They encapsulated two crawl-spaces and sealed the rim joist in the basement. Steven and team worked quickly and left very little sign that they had been in the house (besides the spray foam!). The process went pretty much how it was described ahead of time. Towards the end of the work day, I had a question about the door to the crawl space, and Steven carefully explained the options and we agreed on a solution that he implemented immediately. Ecotelligent also measured the air leakage in the house envelope before and after the work; the test showed that air leaks were reduced by 17%. We expect our floors not to be as cold this winter now that the crawl spaces are insulated. Thanks Ecotelligent!

Geoff H.

Did a great job spray foaming the bonus room above my garage! Would use again!

Joseph O.

Andra –
Smith, Fay, Lonny, Kevin, Tom, and Stephanie are an awesome crew! My house is now 40% more efficient than it was just yesterday! Thanks Ecotelligent Homes for a job well done! Rating 1-5 stars I give them an 11 🎉😀

Carla S.

“Very professional & clear to work with. Team was prompt, friendly, and accommodated my requests. In just one week, I can already see the difference in our stone basement. Would definitely recommend!”

Julia J.

“The crew was amazing, two thumbs up. Let the bosses know – they deserve a day off – or maybe two!”

Rachel R.

We are very happy with the work that your team performed. I’m actually looking forward to the winter months to experience the improved efficiency and comfort in our home.

Josh E

Really satisfied so far. So much more comfortable!

Andrew P.

The staff that worked on my home over the last two days

were amazing. I am a curious soul and they explained

way more than they needed to so I could understand

what was happening. That includes both staff of Ecotelligent

homes and the staff of the HVAC company contracted to do

the HVAC work.

Shannon M.

Everything from the initial estimate to Steven and Riley’s

day-of insulation, was fantastic. I would 100% recommend

working with this team and company to anyone looking for

closed cell rim joist insulation.

Yuri V.

Friendly & knowledgeable. You would not even know they were here. The place was spotless. We so appreciate the work they have done

Wendy H.

Never had a better team in all the years I’ve had contractors work at our home. Love that you intern high schoolers & looking forward  to the results in the upcoming winter months

Bob & Angela N.

We had a number of companies give quotes & it was clear Ecotelligent did not skip any corners. I appreciate their company’s commitment to the environment & supports the move to green building practices in SE Michigan. Plus, they are  woman owned!

Biba B.

Very worthwhile. This is a real energy audit. It provides an abundance of information about where & how the energy efficiency of your home can be improved

Keith & Sandy R.