Spray Foam Insulation in Pole Barns

Winter is officially here along with colder temperatures throughout Michigan. You may notice that your pole barn may have less than desirable temperatures when you are in there. Whether you use your pole barn as a man cave to hang out in or a storage building for equipment, it is important to have it properly insulated. Insulation is the primary defense your pole barn has against heat loss. By adding closed cell spray foam insulation in your pole barn, you will help create a more comfortable environment to work and play, no matter how freezing cold it is outside. There are two different types of spray foam insulation you can choose from; we’ll explain these two options to help you decide which one makes more sense for your pole barn.

Why choose spray foam insulation for pole barns

There are many great benefits that come along with choosing spray foam insulation for your pole barn aside from the main benefit allowing less heat to escape. It will also keep out any drafts from your space creating a boundary around your building. The spray foam prevents critters such as mice and other small animals from getting into your pole barn and potentially messing up something of value in there. Additionally, spray foam is a water and vapor barrier so it will help to control condensation in pole barns. Since most people will put heaters in this space during the winter, it can create additional moisture inside the pole barn. Spray foam insulation will prevent a condensation problem from happening.

Different types of pole barn spray foam insulation

There are typically two different options you can choose from for your spray foam insulation in pole barns. The standard method which applies the closed cell spray foam directly to the wall and roof deck surface. The other method involves installing a foam board over the walls and then applying the spray foam. We’ll go into more detail about these two options.

Premium Option

The premium option involves installing a thin, rigid foam board over each wall of your pole barn. After that is completed, the spray foam will be applied to the rigid board. There are a couple of different benefits that come with this option. For example, if a rock is kicked up by the tractor and dents a piece of the siding, you can easily replace a single section of the siding without having to re-do your insulation. This option also helps the metal to flex with weather and sun exposure. Many times, newer barns are built with thinner gauge sheet metal material that will flex and could become wavey if the foam is applied directly to the sheet metal. This option is a great investment for the longevity of your pole barn.

Standard Option

The standard option involves the spray foam being directly applied to each wall of your pole barn. There is not additional rigid board installed meaning that if anything happens, you will be replacing siding and foam. This also means your siding could have a wavy appearance on south-facing walls.

Ready to insulate your pole barn with spray foam?

If you’re ready to take the next steps to create a more comfortable space in your pole barn, our team of professionals are here to help! We will work with you to help decide which spray foam option will be the best fit for your individual pole barn. From there, our experts will effectively and efficiently apply the spray foam to your pole barn. Ecotelligent Homes is the only company in the Metro-Detroit area that provides premium spray foam insulation for pole barns. If you have any additional questions or if you are ready to set up a spray foam appointment today, contact us at Ecotelligent Homes and we’ll be happy to assist you.