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A Unique Start

Ecotelligent Homes was founded in 2009; however, owner Amanda Godward’s passion for helping people and the environment goes back much further. As a young student, Amanda excelled at science and math and felt that becoming an engineer was the natural path. This path led her to Kettering University, where she graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.  

During her time at Kettering, she had what she would later recall as an “a-ha” moment while attending a thermodynamics class. As the instructor praised the efficiency of power plants, Amanda could not help but think that the numbers reported were not impressive and wondered what could be done to improve efficiency. With this stored in the back of her mind, she went on to work as an engineer in the auto industry, where she temporarily satisfied her passion for the environment by joining her company’s green team and personally researched how to become more involved with environmental concerns.  

As the years went by, Amanda realized this was not enough, as she was left feeling unfulfilled by her current position and decided to take action. In her spare time, she became LEED certified and shadowed various jobs, which introduced her to the unique field of energy auditing. She felt this was a perfect fit because it blended her technical background (specifically thermodynamics and heat transfer), concern for the environment, and desire to help people through improving the comfort, efficiency, and safety of their homes.  

After taking the proper steps to become a certified energy auditor, Amanda juggled this new career path while keeping her full-time job as an engineer. While working as an independent auditor, she found that while her customers appreciated the information, many of them would not implement the recommended energy efficient changes.  

Since her goal was to help people and the environment, she worked towards her builder’s licence, which allowed her to use contractors to complete the work she recommended. It wasn’t until a few years later that Amanda realized the true potential of her hard work and training could be more than just a part-time hobby.

Ecotelligent Homes’ Big Break

In 2011, the city of Wyandotte was awarded a grant towards energy efficiency retrofits and Ecotelligent Homes was one of four contractors selected to perform energy audits and install improvements. This gave Amanda the courage to leave her job in the auto industry and work full-time for Ecotelligent Homes. After making this leap, the company has been continually growing ever since!

As the company’s demands for more contractors increased with the amount of business Ecotelligent Homes was receiving, Amanda realized that it was difficult to have consistent quality and customer service that met her standards. To rectify the situation, Amanda decided to invest in her own equipment and inhouse team.  

Amanda prides herself on taking the time to train her crew on building science so that they understand the process and can modify their training to fit unique circumstances using critical thinking skills. Her strong engineering foundation has allowed her to create the processes for standard operating procedures, which assures that the same quality work is being performed on all jobs.  

A Step Above the Rest

Unlike many of our competitors, who treat energy audits as means to supplement their primary business, Ecotelligent Homes started as an energy auditor. Insulation and ductwork improvements are part of the process, but not the sole motivation for our work. Therefore, the foundation of our company is and always will be to improve the comfort, efficiency, and safety of the homes of others.  

Our goal is to assess your home’s efficiency and educate you on why we recommend specific improvements based upon science that is quantifiable. Ecotelligent Homes is also dedicated to the continuous education of its staff and is constantly raising the bar with new techniques and improvements within the industry.  We care about the environment and want to do our part to reduce our footprint, all while improving the comfort of our customer’s homes with honesty and integrity.

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Our Methodology

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Get your home off the grid or achieve zero net energy by pairing your energy efficiency improvements with geothermal or solar.