Why Window Sealing is Important for a Comfortable Home

Windows are usually the first place in a house where unwanted drafts can be felt coming into a room. Typically, these drafts come in through different cracks and gaps found in your window frame. Such cracks can occur from routine wear and tear that windows endure causing an undesirable result of drafty windows. These drafts can cause uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home which no one wants to experience. Therefore, it’s important to keep your windows properly sealed so that no drafts are coming through in the colder winter months and even in the hot summer months. We’ll explore what is means to get your windows sealed along with the benefits you can get out of window sealing as a homeowner.  

What is window sealing?

Window sealing involves using either caulk or a type of sealant to fix any cracks in the frame of your window. It’s important to know the condition of your window’s frame to determine whether or not you can simply seal the crack or if you need to replace the entire frame. Another way to seal a window is with weather stripping. This commonly used approach helps prevent drafts from coming into your home by placing the strips around the entire window. Typically, there is a space between your window frame and wall framing that can leave room for air to come in if not sealed. These spaces and cracks are the places where drafts will come through, causing uneven temperatures in your home. Most homeowners choose to have a comprehensive energy audit performed that will help locate the specific cracks and leaks that need to be properly sealed. Sealing your windows can have a significant impact on your home in the long-term.

What are the benefits of properly sealing windows?

There are a variety of benefits for properly sealing windows such as increased comfortability, improving efficiency, and expanding the life of your windows. Learn more about the benefits below.

Increased  comfortability

There’s nothing like having uneven and uncomfortable temperatures in your house that vary from room to room. This is typically what happens though when there are drafts coming in through your windows. By remediating this problem through window sealing, you will be able to enjoy more comfortable temperatures throughout your entire house.

Reduces allergens and bugs in your home

When it rains or snows, the moisture can get trapped in your windows and accumulates over time creating the perfect scenario for mold to begin growing. This is extremely harmful to anyone living in your home. Also, bugs tend to enjoy sneaking through the cracks of a window to enter your house. Once your windows are sealed, this will prevent bugs from getting inside and also limit the amount of dust and allergens entering your home. 

Expands the life of windows

Windows take a lot of damage with protecting houses from the weather outside, not even to mention normal wear and tear. Sealing windows will help slow down the process of aging and will give your windows the ability to last longer than if they were left unsealed. Even though it may seem like some small cracks are insignificant, sealing them can greatly increase their longevity.

Lower energy costs

When your heating and cooling system has to work harder in order to make up for the drafts coming in through your windows, this has a direct impact on your energy bills. This will lead to energy bills that can be higher than expected during the winter and summer months. Therefore, once your home’s windows are properly sealed, these systems won’t be working as hard which will end up lowering your overall energy costs.

Improved efficiency

When you choose to properly seal your windows, this will directly benefit your heating and cooling systems as they will not have to work as hard. In the winter, cold drafts coming into your house through a window will make your furnace work harder and the same is true for the summer heat. Therefore, window sealing will eliminate drafts which in return doesn’t make your furnace and air conditioning to work as hard. This will lead to greatly improved energy efficiency throughout your home.

Ready to get your windows sealed?

If you are interested in improving your home’s efficiency and comfortability, contact Ecotelligent Homes for a thorough energy audit that will identify the problem areas of your home’s windows. From there, our team of experienced professionals can properly seal your windows to prevent any drafts from coming through. Contact us today to get started with a home energy audit and see how window sealing can be beneficial to your home!