Smith Her

Crew Leader

Smith was previously in the Customer Service industry when in 2005 he was offered a roofing position. He is always up for a new challenge so he gladly accepted. Throughout his roofing career he learned many skills relating to home improvements. He became a Foreman in 2010 and really grew a passion for leading a crew. As worked slowed in 2016, Smith decided it was time for another change. That's when he stumbled upon Ecotelligent Homes. He was very intrigued by the company and work they performed and so he applied. He was ecstatic to be offered a Crew Leader position and could not wait to take on the role! Smith enjoys being able to lead a crew again and using his customer service skills to be the customer's point of contact. He loves his team and says they are so supportive and always has his back. Smith's favorite part of the job is the final walk through where he can evaluate the work performed and see what an amazing job everyone has done. The majority of his free time is spent attending his two daughter's soccer games, his youngest daughter's cheer competitions, or hanging out with his son. If he ever has any time to himself you will find him on his Xbox!