Fay Cantwell

Level 2 Installer

Fay says that working at Ecotelligent Homes is "awesome"! Being a crew member gives her a sense of pride, is eductional and rewarding, and she's proud of what the company can bring to the table for their customers.  Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would be doing this kind of work, but here she is, standing 4'11", making it happen!  Fun Fact: Using her (lack of) height to her advantage, she has proudly earned the nickname "Squirrel", as the go-to person for fitting into all the tiniest of spaces. Aside from her height, there are a couple of other things unique traits Fay brought with her to Ecotelligent Homes.  The first is her cake decorating ability.  When she sprays a knee wall, it reminds her of frosting a cake!  The second is her photography skills.  When she takes photos of the crew's work, she catches herself saying, "Oh, was that a good angle or should I take another?".  She feels she works with some really cool guys and is so proud of the team.  She works hard along side them so you can have a comfortable, safe, and efficient home.