Our Team

All of our talented team members are educated in building science and dedicated to delivering the highest quality improvement to our customers. We focus on customer service and ensuring your satisfaction throughout each stage of your project. We are proud to have an enthusiastic team with a diverse background that truly enjoys helping our customers to save energy.

Our Team


Amanda founded Ecotelligent Homes in 2009 to apply her engineering knowledge to her passion of environmental stewardship.  She left her mechanical engineering position in the automotive industry for entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back since growing Ecotelligent Homes from a home based part time hobby to an award winning home performance company with a talented...

Level 1 Installer

Brett is a level 1 installer who is currently finishing his degree in Energy Technology & Power Engineering. In his free time he like sports, with hockey being his favorite. He enjoys working at Ecotelligent Homes and will occasionally join in & sing with the rest of the crew!

Level 2 Installer

Fay says that working at Ecotelligent Homes is "awesome"! Being a crew member gives her a sense of pride, is eductional and rewarding, and she's proud of what the company can bring to the table for their customers.  Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would be doing this kind of work, but here she is, standing 4'11", making it happen!  Fun Fact: Using her (lack of) height to...

Level 2 Installer 

Jonathan enjoys looking for new or better solutions to various problems and working hard to make homes more comfortable and energy efficient by applying the best methods for any task.  Jonathan is happy to be working along side the rest of the crew because they, too, care about our environment and working to make life better one house at a time; perhaps yours is next?

Energy Consultant

As an installer at Ecotelligent Homes, Sean is able to utilize his education and hands on skills to perform the tasks necessary to make your home a more comfortable place to live. Having earned an Alternative Energy/Energy Technology Degree from Henry Ford College along with being a Building Analyst Professional certified through the Building Performance Institute (BPI), he is able to...

Office Manager

Although energy efficiency has not always been on the forefront of Shelly's mind, since working at Ecotelligent Homes it is something she's become passionate about. Every home she walks into she secretly evaluates where and how its losing energy and what Ecotelligent Homes could do to help! As the Office Manager she ensures the day to day business functions run smooth.  ...