Ecotelligent Homes is proud to be a Healthy Homes Evaluator

Ecotelligent Homes recently received their certification as a Healthy Homes Evaluator (HHE). We are the only Metro Detroit energy auditor to have the Healthy Homes Evaluator Certification. The certification is through Building Performance Institute Inc. in partnership with Green & Healthy Homes Initiative.  

What is a Healthy Homes Evaluator?

A Healthy Home Evaluator includes a healthy home analysis into a home performance assessment. Ecotelligent Homes performs an indoor air quality test with every energy audit we conduct.

In order to obtain the Healthy Homes Evaluator certification, it is required that one of the following through Building Performance Institute Inc. certifications is held first:  

  • Building Analyst
  • Multifamily Building Analyst
  • Energy Auditor
  • Quality Control Inspector

What are the benefits of working with a Healthy Homes Evaluator?

If you choose to work with a certified Healthy Homes Evaluator, you receive peace of mind knowing your home is being evaluated for home health and safety hazards. Some health and safety hazards that are tested for include, but are not limited to:

Learn more about the importance of indoor air quality for your home.

In addition to getting peace of mind, studies show that regular healthy home assessments can help lessen safety hazards in your home in the future. Being proactive is always best when it comes to the health and safety of your home.

How do obtain the Healthy Homes Evaluator Certification?

A Healthy Homes Evaluator must first hold one of the certifications listed about through the Building Performance Institute. Voluntary training is available before an exam is taken to receive the certification.

How often does the Healthy Homes Evaluator Certification last?

Like many certifications, the Healthy Homes Evaluator Certification must be renewed every 3 years. The individual must keep their BPI certification in addition to the Healthy Homes Evaluator Certification.  Having to regularly renew the certification ensures that the evaluators are staying up to date on any new home health testing techniques.