Ecotelligent Homes Featured In CBS’ Detroit’s Great Lakes Innovation and Technology Report

Ecotelligent Homes’ Owner Amanda Godward was recently featured in CBS Detroit’s Great Lakes Innovation and Technology Report (GLITR) for utilizing her mechanical engineering degree to create greener homes.  Godward earned her mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University in Flint, MI and worked for eight years in the auto industry before starting Ecotelligent Homes in 2009.  The GLITR article ‘Kettering Alum Creates Company for Greener Homes’ by Matt Roush highlights the development of Ecotelligent Homes and details the science behind improving the comfort and energy efficiency of homes. Building science is the industry term used to categorize the science and engineering used to diagnose comfort and energy efficiency issues in a home.  The GLITR article quotes Godward explaining the similarities of automotive engineering and building science, “When evaluating insulation levels and locating the source of drafts I use fluids and heat transfer, and the basics of a furnace are the same as a vehicle engine,” fuel, air and spark, she said. “We measure combustion efficiency for furnaces and water heaters just like an automotive engineer would measure in an engine on the dyno (dynamometer).” While Godward enjoys the science behind her industry, her desire to increase environmental awareness is what lead her to found Ecotelligent Homes she says, “I was looking for an opportunity to combine my mechanical engineering background with my passions for environmental stewardship.” The GLITR story highlights the perfect fit with this quote from Godward, “I get to use my thermodynamics and heat transfer technical skills while helping homeowners and business owners reduce their utility bills and their environmental impact.” The full article can be found at


Since Ecotelligent Homes was founded in 2009 they have been preforming RESNET and BPI certified home energy audits to help countless Metro Detroit homeowners improve the comfort of their home, reduce their utility costs, and lessen their environmental impact.  While they originated in the home energy auditing sector, in the spring of 2012 they expanded into commercial energy auditing to help business owners improve the efficiency of their home away from home.  Ecotelligent Homes is an ASHRAE member company and an Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager (CEM) commercial energy auditing company based in Farmington Hills, MI. Our staff holds a combination of Mechanical Engineering Degrees, and a Master’s Degree in Energy Systems Engineering.


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