Reed B.

I’d highly recommend Ecotelligent. They’re very knowledgeable, professional, and have great communication standards. Getting a whole house efficiency assessment is great, just for the amount of info they provide and what you learn about your house. This work isn’t cheap, but that’s because they do it right. They do most of the work for you to get any rebates and tax breaks possible on the work, which helps a bit with that. As many other reviewers say, the increase in comfort feels totally worth it now that it’s been done. Their work is also PEARL certified, which should increase the appraisal price on the home whenever I move on. Below is a detailed account of my experience with them.

We called Ecotelligent in early 2023 to come for an energy assessment and recommendations. We had an assessor named Tom who was really nice and thorough. He gave us a report of the state of our home efficiency and found some surprise asbestos! He offered 3 different treatment recommendations on a spectrum of price and completeness. We decided to abate the asbestor, redo our attic insulation, and do foam insulation between the floor joists.

From here, they assigned Anne who managed the project. We needed to do some other work around the house before the attic insulation could happen, and they were fine with us scheduling out in the future (and rescheduling a couple times).

We had multiple days worth of work, everyone was really nice, happy to answer many questions from a nosy/curious customer, and incredibly thorough on cleanup. Anne was very communicative with updates and follow-ups.

Our final blower door test results showed our leakage cut down by half! For the rest of the summer, our AC would only turn on a few times on most days. It’s been much better, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much more comfortable it is this winter! Andra, their administrator, followed up by applying for our rebate with Consumer’s and sending all the info about claiming the cost of insulation materials on our next tax return for even more money back.