We hired Amanda and her friendly team at Ecotelligent Homes to perform an energy audit and recommend insulation/air sealing improvements to our house. We initially looked into Ecotelligent Homes because of the combination of home insulation, geothermal, and alternative energy installation options. After the audit, we elected to have both the home insulation/sealing and geothermal installed. We are now living comfortably, enjoying the new air conditiong from the geothermal. The pride in craftsmanship and careful work by everyone at Ecotelligent Homes makes them an easy recommendation to anyone interested in improving the efficiency and comfort of their home.

-Mike M., Fenton

Went very well, very nice staff- worked well with roofers which was appreciated. Willing to jump at a moments notice. Went above and beyond.

Matt D.

It was a pleasure to work with all of your employees throughout the process.

Christian & Kelly L.

[Ecotelligent Homes] were great to work with. 5s are usually hard for me to give, but I can honestly say a 5 [out of 5].

Margaret & John M.

The crew did a great job covering everything so that nothing was damaged and they cleaned up wonderfully. I liked how I was shown pictures before and after the project so I could see how everything looked.

Adam & Rhonda B.
Highland Charter Township

Knowledgeable and helpful!

Abdeali B.
Farmington Hills

Brian did a good job explaining things. Very nice job and everyone in the house is satisfied.

James M.
Farmington Hills

Getting some necessary work done on my house. Thanks to the great teams at Ecotelligent Homes! You alerted me to severe mold and deficient insulation issues. Your hard work will benefit my health and my wallet! Your amazing team provides a friendly, professional demeanor and a personal connection, treating me and my home like a friend of the family and even taking time to win over the love of my crazy dogs! ‘Thank you’ can’t even begin to express my appreciation!

Darlene O.

Everyone was very personable and even did some extra things.

Cheryl C.

The crew was great!

Mike L.
West Bloomfield Township

Excellent job! Awesome experience!

Bruno D.
Madison Heights

The team was efficient and courteous and let me know what they were doing every step of the way. I highly recommend this company. They did all the paperwork to get my energy rebates.

Colleen C.

Overall, awesome job! Your staff was very professional and courteous and really helped focus in on the areas that needed improvement.

Joshua B.
Ann Arbor

Very prompt and professional. Love my new furnance & insulation and most of all, my wife got the rebate check!

Billy F.

The work that was done was great! We can already feel the difference in the house. Overall, I was very satisfied.

Christina M.

Thanks so much for the work you guys did for us. [Our Consumer’s Energy] bill is half the usage from last year and the real cold isn’t even here yet.

Judy T.

Thanks to you, our house is cozy!

Dan D.

Intelligent people, equipped with innovative new tools and techniques, identified energy wasting buildng issues. Effective solutions recommended.


The staff at my home treated my property carfully- always wearing protective coverings to protect my floor, leaving the home better than they found (sweeping, vacuuming, etc). Ecotelligent exceeded our expectations in explaining in detail the recommendation, the work done, reviewing in the end what was accomplished and handling all the energy [rebate] paperwork. They returned calls promptly every time.

Brad & Stephanie H.
South Lyon

Great! They are a really hard working company. I loved the crew. They were easy to talk to and seemed happy to answer any questions. They were very neat and I often left them alone in the house. Overall, great service and a very hard-working team – both during the audit and actual installation. Additionally, it is a nice timesaver for Ecotelligent to file the rebate forms.

Rick & Melissa A.

Every evening, after they had left we were pleased at how well they had cleaned up, allowing us to focus on our own work.

Christopher & Carole D.
Farmington Hills

Very satisfied. Crew was prompt & courteous.

Andy H.

Everyone was 100% polite, clean, and thoughtful. I appreciate the creativity put into the work so they didn’t have to cut through my drywall!

Carly C.

Professional from start to finish. Nick and Jamie were credible, respectful, and informative. I enjoyed the audit experience, learned a lot of valuable information and would recommend any home owner consider having the team out to his/her home.

Bill P.