Nathan E.

We had Ecotelligent Homes perform an energy audit on our older home this past November, so that we could make improvements to our thermal envelope before investing in air conditioning. They used a combination of blower door testing and infrared camera to find trouble areas and make recommendations for improvement. They also performed some air quality testing to make sure our existing boiler and water heater weren’t leaking carbon monoxide into our home. Afterwards, they gave us quotes for three different packages of fixes that they could perform for us. We went with the most thorough one, which invovled insulating and sealing many areas including basement rim joists, attic space, and overhangs. They also removed our whole house fan and drywalled the ceiling. Overall we were very happy with the work they performed! I waited at least a month before writing any reviews because I wanted to see what difference the sealing and insulation made….I’m happy to say it’s quite a big improvement! The most noticeable difference is we no longer have rooms that get colder than the rest of the house. I also got my first gas bill after the work was completed, and after factoring in heating degree days (a way to account for warmer/cooler years), our natural gas usage in December was down about 18-20% from last year! It was a real pleasure working with the crew from Ecotelligent Homes, and I will gladly recommend them to friends and neighbors who want to make similar improvements to their homes.