Christine C.

I love this company! The owner walked us through several choices of how they could improve attic insulation for us. This 1967 house has a drip edge vent on 2 sides, which I have never had to deal with before, but Amanda had! I loved that she found a cost effective price to combine baffles and single cell foam on the top of the walls, allowing necessary air circulation. Then they offered cellulose to be blown in. Basically eco- friendly shredded newspaper. That felt like a more ecological than spraying that foam all over the floor, walls, and roof of the entire attic. The job was fit in 3 days after we met Amanda and she facilitated us getting a Michigan Saves loan for 10 y @ 4.9%. We didn’t need a down payment! The work crew, Joe, Rebecca and Fay, were prompt, and worked well. They cleaned out garbage left in the attic by the HVAC company last summer. They put down lots of drop cloths for where they walked as well as where the stowed their equipment AND wore booties inside. This is the cleanest crew I have ever hired! The blow-door test was performed before and after and the new insulation increases the heat inside by 43%! I believe my gas bills will decrease this winter! Amanda has an excellent notebook filled with information about their work, materials and lots of info why their system works so well. They have won lots of awards and deserve every one. I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Ecotelligent! I have had 5 different contractors work on this house this past year (roof, electrician, HVAC, cement and windows) and this company has been the best… and I have had some really good contractors! Save yourself some $$. Call Ecotelligent!