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Replacing your old, leaky windows with energy efficient ENERGY STAR windows can be a good way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. However, in most Metro Detroit homes there are a number of other less costly measures that can have a more significant impact on efficiency and comfort than replacing your windows. At Ecotelligent Homes, we specialize in identifying these solutions for your particular home, so that you can be sure your home’s energy efficiency improvement is as effective and affordable as possible.

Aren’t Windows the Best Way to Reduce Drafts and Save Energy?

The window industry is a relatively large industry and window manufacturers have large budgets to spend on marketing and advertising. We can’t blame them, of course, but consequently most homeowners believe that windows are the best way to improve a home’s comfort, which may not necessarily be the case. In fact, most homes can enjoy a far greater benefit by implementing more affordable measures such as air sealing and insulating the attic or basement rim joist, upgrading wall insulation, encapsulating crawlspaces with spray foam insulation, duct sealing or even a new furnace.

When Do New Windows Make Sense?

Replacement windows do make sense in certain scenarios. If your home has single pane or very leaky, old windows, they may be having a large impact on your comfort and energy bills.  If your home has already had other home performance upgrades done, such as attic air sealing and insulation, new windows may be the logical next step.

During our comprehensive home energy audit, we will evaluate your home to identify the most prominent sources of your drafts and energy waste.  With the findings of the audit, we will work with you to determine the best options for your home.

To learn more about Ecotelligent Homes, or to schedule a home energy audit today, contact us!

Our Customers are Saying

  • “They were great! Very nice and took the time to walk around with me and answer my questions.  Pointed out things I had no idea about.  They went well beyond windows and wall insulation, which is what I thought they would point out.” 

    Erin H.
    March, 2014

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Our Methodology

Energy Audit Ecotelligent
Get to the root cause of your home’s comfort problems with our BPI certified Comprehensive Home Energy Audit.
Ecotelligent Insulation
Enjoy a comfortable home all year long with our professionally installed cellulose blown in insulation and spray foam insulation.
Warm Family
Have peace of mind with reliable year round comfort from our high efficiency furnace and central air conditioning systems.
Renewable Energy Ecotelligent
Get your home off the grid or achieve zero net energy by pairing your energy efficiency improvements with geothermal or solar.