There are several energy rebate programs offered through the Metro Detroit local utilities from Consumers Energy and DTE Energy.  As a Home Performance Contractor and trade ally, Ecotelligent Homes can help you qualify for the highest dollar amount of rebates through the Home Performance Rebate Programs.  

Why Are There More Rebate Dollars with the Home Performance Rebate Programs?

Home performance rebate programs generally offer a higher rebate dollar amount, sometimes more than double the value, to customers compared to standard insulation or heating and cooling rebate programs.  The utility rewards customers for being educated consumers and installing improvements based on the facts and findings of a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit, and the utility companies recognize that Home Performance Contractors are held to the industry’s highest quality standards.

What are the Specific Rebates Available?

The following links show the itemized breakdown of available rebate dollars for your home performance project available through your local natural gas supplier.

Consumers Energy’s Home Performances with ENERGY STAR Rebate Chart

DTE Energy’s Home Performance Rebate Chart

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Take advantage of these local energy rebates!

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