Don't Rely on Luck to Find a Good Contractor!

Homeowners Craig and Lisa recently bought a home that was flipped on the market.  After experiencing some comfort issues in their home, this West Bloomfield, MI couple chose to call Ecotelligent Homes to address their concerns.  Upon conducting a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit, our skilled team found potential mold in the attic and insufficient insulation in the basement rim joists.  Because of this, they opted for a Clean Slate, which will keep mold at bay while air sealing and better insulating their home.  

Ecotelligent Homes’ Unique Solution: Fully removing the previous attic insulation and starting with a Clean Slate!

No stroke of luck was needed for this upgrade- just the expertise of Ecotelligent Homes!  These homeowners were so happy with the results, that they've already starting recommending our services to their friends and there's no greater compliment than that!