Newsletter: Love & Loyalty

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February, 2017

Celebrating Love & Loyalty!

We're loyal to our customers and and appreciate how loyal our customers are to us in return!  Since February is the month of love and loyalty, we want to show you how much we appreciate your loyalty to us!  

Project Spotlight

We love repeat customers!

Repeat customers of Ecotelligent Homes from Northville, MI

Repeat customers of Ecotelligent Homes, Robert & Jean of Northville, were so happy with the work we did in their previous home several years ago, that when they moved, they called us to do a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit on their new home as well.  We appreciate their confidence in us and love that they’re resting more comfortably in their home with the air sealing and blown insulation improvements our home energy audit results suggested & our skilled team installed.

Technical Expertise

Why We Love Cellulose!

Ecotelligent Homes loves cellulose

We love cellulose and you should too!  

Want to know what makes our love affair with cellulose is so strong?  

This month’s technical blog will explain the details!

About Us

Why We Love Ecotelligent Homes!

We asked our team to sum up what they like best about working for Ecotelligent Homes in three words.  Here's what they had to say!

Love Quote Bubble - Ecotelligent Homes' team tells us why they love it here in Farmington Hills, MI
Amanda: "Making a Difference" and "Helping People/Environment"
Devaughn: "I am Ecotelligent."
Nick: "Something Different Daily" and "Shelly's Great Jokes"
Shelly: "Our Work Ethic!"
Smith: "Personal, Awesome Boss, & Fun"
Stephanie: "The Positive Attitude!"
Jonny: "Fun, Adventurous, & Educational"
Sean: "Honest, Driven, & Rewarding"
Fay: "Proud, Rewarding, & Educational"

Customer Shout Out

Thank you for sharing your love of Ecotelligent Homes with your friends!

Ecotelligent Homes of Farmington Hills, MI thanks you for your referrals

We’d like to give a special thank you to our customers that loved us so much that they recommended us to their friends!

Ken K. of Beverly Hills, MI

Steve K. of Wolverine Lake, MI

Erv Ehlers Heating & Cooling of Livonia, MI

Mark Haggerty of MI Solar Solutions in Commerce Township, MI