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Ecotelligent Homes is an award-winning and licensed home performance contractor that specializes in identifying the root cause of your home’s unique comfort concerns and installing the customized energy efficiency improvements to solve your problem.

Our Customers are Saying

  • Professional and trustworthy

    “Professional and trustworthy.”

    Daniel D., Plymouth, MI
    September, 2014
  • Very pleased all the way around

    “Very pleased with the crew all the way around.”

    Brenda R., Ann Arbor, MI
    November, 2014
  • Very pleased

    “I was very pleased with this company.  [They gave me] professionalism and respect. Workers were very courteous.”

    Wilma A., Detroit, MI
    June, 2015
  • Quality of Comfort

    “Amazing difference in our quality of comfort! Thank you!!!”

    Jackie K., Fenton, MI
    August, 2015
  • Overall, very happy

    “Good clean up work.   Good inspection. Overall, very happy!”

    Ryan & Tara B., Bloomfield Hills, MI
    May, 2016
  • Recommending to all friends

    ”I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the difference in comfort.  It is now at the level I always throught it should be.  Your team is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.  Extremely happy with everything and am recommending to all my friends.” 

    John & Laura Y., Royal Oak, MI
    October, 2016
  • Extra things

    “Everyone was very personable and even did some extra things.”

    Cheryl C., Westland, MI
    October, 2015
  • Personable, Courteous Auditors

    “I thought Nick and Martique did a great job! They were both very personable, courteous and provided some great solutions.”

    Joe K., Novi, MI
    January, 2015
  • Diligent, respectful and courteous

    I was very happy with the work crew.  They were diligent, respectful and courteous.”

    Michael J., Southfield, MI
    January, 2015
  • So Comfortable

    “Because of the improvements you installed, the 2nd floor temperature was so comfortable that the bedroom fan was not used for the summer of 2013.

    Susan S.
    July, 2013
  • Thorough & Friendly

    “Very professional and thorough as they [were] friendly.”

    Alvin & Susi S. , West Bloomfield Township, MI
    December, 2015
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable & Professional

    “Amanda and Nick arrived a few minutes early for our inspection…The quotes were reasonable and I couldn’t be happier….They were both very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I felt comfortable with them in my home from the first moment.

    Todd J. and Thomas S.
    April, 2013
  • Kind & courteous

    ”Very kind and courteous staff.  Extremely knowledgeable and thorough.” 

    Ryan & Audrey J., Farmington Hills, MI
    December, 2016
  • Good teamwork

    “The crew knows what they are doing!  Good teamwork and communication and quality work.  Initial impressions- house is quieter, temperture is held constant.” 

    Doug & Marion C., Fowlerville, MI
    August, 2016
  • Extremely impressed

    “All workers were polite, friendly, professional, and courteous as far as being in the home is concerned.  The clean up that took place at the end of each day was very satifactory.” 

    Lorn & Risa C., Farmington Hills, MI
    September, 2016
  • 30% more efficient

    “Overall they did a great job. They were very thorough and provided some great insight into areas of the house that needed to be buttoned up."  We were given multiple options to choose from and my wife and I picked the one we thought would work best.

    Joe K., Novi, MI
    March, 2015
  • Could not be happier!
    Could not be happier!

     “So far so good. Knowledgeable, friendly, clean and efficient. Best of all, right in price range with other vendors that do not do all the procedures. Just signed contract. Keep posted for results and feedback. So far everything I wanted.

    Kirk W., Troy, MI
    March, 2015
  • Highly recommended

    “Home evaluation was awesome. Highly recommended.” 

    Stephen H., Bloomfield Hills, MI
    January, 2014
  • Fast workers - Corki, Wyandotte

    “Nick was most helpful and found a gas leak at the gas meter.  Amanda and her team work fast and we love how nice they clean up!"

    Corki, Wyandotte, MI
    August, 2016
  • Excellent Energy Audit

    “I scheduled a Home Energy Audit with Ecotelligent Homes after contacting several other companies and discussing their services and costs. Boy am I glad I chose you to do my audit, I was thoroughly impressed with the audit you did.

    Alan L., Livonia, MI
    December, 2014
  • Bill is 1/2 the usage as last year

    "Thanks so much for the work you guys did for us.  [Our Consumer's Energy] bill is half the usage from last year and the real cold isn't even here yet."

    Judy T., Livonia, MI
    December, 2015
  • Pride in craftsmanship

    “We hired Amanda and her friendly team at Ecotelligent Homes to perform an energy audit and recommend insulation/air sealing improvements to our house.  We initially looked into Ecotelligent Homes because of the combination of home insulation, geothermal, and... Read More

    Mike M., Fenton, MI
    July, 2015
  • Really Enjoyed Whole Experience

    “I really enjoyed the whole experience and plan on getting more of their services done in the near future. The crew was friendly and Amanda’s advice and insight were excellent.  I’ve already recommended them to co-workers, friends and family.”

    Dale A., Ypsilanti, MI
    May, 2015
  • Made a huge difference

    “They were courteous, prompt, and professional.  Overall, they helped us with planning, understanding, and rebates.  It was educational and it’s made a huge difference for us.  No more cold spots or hot spots, dust doesn’t accumulate nearly as much, and we can actually feel normal temperatures... Read More

    Nicole C., South Lyon, MI
    September, 2016
  • Everything Went Great!

    “Everything went great! I requested they show up a little early to be sure they were done in time, and they were at the house exactly at the time requested. The things they found were items my wife and I might have thought were needed.

    Timothy K.
    December, 2013
  • Gold Star Energy Audit

    “Jamie and Nick came over at 9 am and gave a gold star energy audit.  Very satisfied and recommend others consider their services.”

    Michael R., Howell, MI
    October, 2016
  • Recommend to colleagues

    “Jamie & Nick were fantastic.  Very informative and made the process very enjoyable.  I was so satisfied with my experience I recommended Ecotelligent Homes to many people at my work.” 

    David C., Canton, MI
    May, 2016
  • Did paperwork for rebates

    “The team was efficient and courteous and let me know what they were doing every step of the way.  I highly recommend this company.  They did all the paperwork to get my energy rebates.”

    Colleen C., Novi, MI
    December, 2016
  • Very Good Audit

    “They were very informative about where our energy leaks were and told us what improvements could be made.  The deal for them to check the house was for $140 and then I had them come back and insulate one of the areas they mentioned wasn’t insulated well enough and I spent about $360.

    Barbara M.
    May, 2014
  • “Brian and Nick were fantastic, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough.  The report was detailed and broken out into logical options with a focus on value.

    Heidi and Brian P., Whitmore Lake, MI
    December, 2013
  • Very nice staff

    “Went very well, very nice staff- worked well with roofers which was appreciated.  Willing to jump at a moments notice.  Went above and beyond.”

    Matt D., Novi, MI
    August, 2015
  • Powerhouse!

    “The whole crew were highly professional and experts on what they did.  I was so pleased with the work.  Faye was an awesome cleaner- little powerhouse!” 

    Lisa & Tony A., Livonia, MI
    May, 2016
  • Down to Earth

    "They were very down to earth and able to explain what was wrong with the house in a way that we could understand.  We don't know all of the building terms, so it was helpful to understand what they were talking about."

    Alison M., Farmington, MI
    April, 2017
  • Outstanding

    “Outstanding work crew.  After the job, the house was cleaned up and left in very neat condition.  I have certainly noticed it has been warmer at lower house temperatures.  I enjoyed dealing with your company.” 

    Vito M., Plymouth Township, MI
    June, 2016
  • Knowledgeable & helpful

    "Knowledgeable and helpful!"

    Abdeali B., Farmington Hills, MI
    September, 2015
  • “They reviewed the work with me before starting and after completion.  Very professional and helpful. Very thorough and informative. They knew the answers to all of my questions.” 

    Zoltan M., Wyandotte, MI
    May, 2014
  • Highly recommend this company

    “Great, excellent, professional.  I highly recommend this company.  Efficient, trustworthy, professional, and highly motivated to provide the best solution at an affordable cost.” 

    Robert T., Ypsilanti, MI
    September, 2016
  • Learned so much!

    “Awesome efficiency consultation today, learned so much, highly recommended!”

    David M., Canton, MI
    November, 2016
  • Very Happy With Services

    "Very happy with the completed job.  [Ecotelligent Homes] insulated basement rim joist, attic, crawl spaces, and exterior walls.  Well done!"

    Colleen A., Ypsilanti, MI
    June, 2014
  • Cleaned up better than they found it

    “Cleaned up better than they found it.” 

    Cheryl C., Westland, MI
    December, 2016
  • Commendable

    “My number one issue that I use to judge a contractor is how clean the jobsite is during and after the job is completed.  Ecellent in both areas and highly commendable."

    Chris B., Howell, MI
    June, 2016
  • Creative!

    "Everyone was 100% polite, clean, and thoughtful.  I appreciate the creativity put into the work so they didn’t have to cut through my drywall!” 

    Carly C., Ypsilanti, MI
    April, 2016
  • Thorough & Professional

    “Jamie & Nick were on time, thorough, and professional.” 

    Brian W., Troy, MI
    July, 2016
  • Consummate professionals

    “Magnificent!  Jamie and Nick were consummate professionals, and showed genuine interest in our unique questions and concerns.  We had questions that needed a follow-up, and Jamie responded to them that very night.  Until finding Ecotelligent, I had given up hope on finding a reputable company... Read More

    Chris L., West Bloomfield, MI
    August, 2016
  • Neat, professional, friendly, & helpful

    “It went great.  I initially wanted one area handled.  After it was explained to me that attending to that one area wouldn’t solve our issues, I agreed to have a larger amount of work done. They were here as promised, were neat and professional, as well as friendly and helpful.”

    Beth S., White Lake, MI
    October, 2016
  • Rooms now all same temp

    "Crew did an awesome job with clean up and explaining things along the way.  Rooms are all now the same temp."

    Jason & Anita G., White Lake, MI
    August, 2016
  • Friendly and approachable

    “Everyone was very friendly and approachable.” 

    Michael H., Ferndale, MI
    February, 2015
  • The Extra Step

    “They even went the extra step to pump up my flat tire with their air compressor, helping me out of an unexpected jam.”

    Mimi F., Ferndale, MI
    February, 2015
  • Professional & courteous

    “Professional, courteous, knowledgeable.”

    Duncan P., Huntington Woods, MI
    December, 2014
  • Very Impressed

    “Crew worked hard, was very accommodating, and cleaned up daily after they were done each day. Very impressed with the team work and professionalism!” 

    Joseph and Lorraine S.
    March, 2014
  • Knowledgeable, nice, personable

    ”Jamie and Nick are great!  Very knowledgeable, while being very nice and personable.  Fay, Smith, and the entire crew were amazing.  Thank  you so much! The entire staff was always willing to stop and answer any questions we had.  The data we were given at the end was superb.”  

    David & Jamie G., Waterford, MI
    December, 2016
  • The Guys Were Great

    “The guys were great. I really felt like they wanted to help my family, not just make a dollar.  The install crews did great work.  I would recommend Ecotelligent to family and friends.”

    David W.
    February, 2014
  • Support Teams Are Amazing

    “Amanda takes pride in her company and it shows.  Her support teams are amazing.  I truly felt like everyone was vested in my home.”

    Janet C., Oak Park, MI
    April, 2015
  • Great crew

    “The crew was great!”

    Mike L., West Bloomfield Township, MI
    December, 2016
  • Comprehensive

    “Did a great job.  Very comprehensive.  I learned a lot.” 

    Leslie B., Northville, MI
    August, 2015
  • These Guys Know Their Stuff

    “The Ecotelligent team spent several hours going over every nook in the house, from basement to attic…these guys know their stuff and shared a great deal of tips suggestions, etc on how to make it better.

    Greg F.
    January, 2014
  • Highest Standards

    “Amanda and Nick were knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with all my questions.  I am confident they would ensure all work is completed to the highest standards.  They provide a comprehensive report with multiple solutions.  I have recommended them to co-workers and neighbors." 

    February, 2017
  • More comfortable home

    "Heat running less.  More comfortable."

    Nathan E., Farmington Hills, MI
    December, 2016
  • I wish I did this sooner

    "Good diagnosis.  Addressed all the issues related to cold.  I wish I did this audit much before."

    Santhosh K., Farmington Hills, MI
    November, 2014
  • Learned a lot

    “Did a great job. Very comprehensive.  I learned a lot.” 

    Leslie B., Northville, MI
    March, 2016
  • Not pushy

    “Very professional, very thorough in the house, not pushy, would recommend.” 

    Brent W., Royal Oak, MI
    April, 2014
  • Honest & Reliable

    "Professional, knowledgeable, honest, and reliable." 

    Lisa & Karl S., Trenton, MI, Trenton, MI
    January, 2017
  • Professional and trustworthy

    “Professional from start to finish.  Nick and Jamie were credible, respectful, and informative.  I enjoyed the audit experience, learned a lot of valuable information and would recommend any home owner consider having the team out to his/her home.” 

    Bill P., Livonia, MI
    May, 2016
  • Great Audit!

    “They were great! Very nice and took the time to walk around with me and answer my questions.  Pointed out things I had no idea about.  They went well beyond windows and wall insulation, which is what I thought they would point out.” 

    Erin H.
    March, 2014
  • “Brian and Nick first performed a whole house energy audit, looking at everything from insulation levels, furnace efficiency and air quality and safety. The options were presented in a good, better, best fashion in order of most bang for the buck.

    Michael J.
    February, 2014
  • “Their representatives showed up on time, explained exactly what they would be doing and were very professional. The report they provided was very thorough and broken down into three possible solutions depending on how much we wanted to spend.” 

    Katie G.
    August, 2013
  • More than Accommodating!

    “Wonderful- team was more than accommodating- worked around our little one.  Great experience!” 

    Gavin E., Ann Arbor, MI
    March, 2017
  • Found weak spots

    “Nice people, explained everything you asked.  Would ask them in again if we needed them.  They found our house weak spots.

    Chantal M., West Bloomfield, MI
    December, 2014
  • 5 out of 5

    “[Ecotelligent Homes] were great to work with. 5s are usually hard for me to give, but I can honestly say a 5 [out of 5].” 

    Margaret & John M.
    August, 2015
  • Excellent Audit Solutions

    “We’ve been paying astronomical utility bills.  My husband and I have been disagreeing about why our bills are so high so we’ve not done anything to resolve the problem. There were 2 engineers that came to my home and checked all of our... Read More

    Renee M.
    August, 2014
  • Focus on areas that needed improvement

    “Overall, awesome job!  Your staff was very professional and courteous and really helped focus in on the areas that needed improvement.”

    Joshua B., Ann Arbor, MI
    November, 2015
  • So quiet

    “During the install they were so quiet, I hardly knew they were in my home.  They did not rush, they took their time to complete the job and cleaned up afterwards.” 

    Elizabeth R., Southfield, MI
    August, 2014
  • Great professionalism

    “Great professionalism.  Loved seeing the evidence for my own eyes and having the opportunity after improvements as well.” 

    Sarah A., Saline, MI
    November, 2015
  • Informative & Professional Auditors

    “Nick and Martique were very informative and professional. They answered all our questions and listened to our concerns. We will consider the options suggested when budgeting for home improvements.”

    Mary & Richard C., Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
    November, 2014
  • “Well mannered and pleasant. Neat!  No mess left behind.”

    Richard & Phyllis W., Warren, MI
    February, 2015
  • Everyone in the house is satisfied

    “Brian did a good job explaining things.  Very nice job and everyone in the house is satisfied.” 

    James M., Farmington Hills, MI
    September, 2015
  • “Very thorough, many insights into our issues and good recommendations for improving our comfort.”

    Lahna Y., West Bloomfield Township, MI
    March, 2015
  • Wonderful Crew

    “Wonderful crew.  They worked diligently at the details that turn a good job into a great one. Our Thanks!  More than satisfied.  We appreciated your flexibility in working around our 97 year old mother’s needs!”

    Jim & Louise F., Rochester, MI
    April, 2015
  • Patient with young daughters

    “Both Nick and Jamie were very friendly and professional.  They were thorough and especially patient with our young daughters who wanted to watch their every move!” 

    Susan & Marcus H., Farmington Hills, MI
    August, 2015
  • Would Hire Again

    “They insulated and air sealed our house. Everything went very well. They performed all services as promised and on time. I would hire them again.” 

    Todd T.
    October, 2013
  • Best in the business!
    "Ecotelligent sets a new standard of care, as welcome as any guest...the performance of the Ecotelligent Team is second to none.  They deserve to be recognized among the best in the business.
    Gil & Ann S., Farmington, MI
    February, 2016
  • Clean, Well Mannered & Thorough Auditors

    “The gentleman were on time, clean, well mannered and thorough throughout the house inspection, explanation of procedures and products.  Punctual, informative, and neat.  Insulation installers did a fantastic job with the difficulty they faced!"

    John O., Wyandotte, MI
    June, 2014
  • Very Comprehensive Auditors

    “Very comprehensive. I greatly appreciate the professionalism of Nick and Martique. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions and explain clearly our options.”

    Ken M., Farmington Hills, MI
    February, 2015
  • Gladly recommend, natural gas down 18-20%

    "We had Ecotelligent Homes perform an energy audit on our older home this past November, so that we could make improvements to our thermal envelope before investing in air conditioning.

    Nathan E., Farmington Hills, MI
    January, 2017
  • We All Need to Do Our Part

    “We used Ecotelligent Homes of Farmington Hills and find them to be an excellent contractor…Their analysis uses a blower door, infrared camera, natural gas/carbon monoxide detectors, and visual inspection of attic and other areas of the thermal envelope.

    Al W., Brighton Township, MI
    March, 2017
  • Amazingly Informational

    “The audit was amazingly informational.  They took lots of detailed photo’s of the insulation in the attic and the basement, and wrote up a detailed report of all the energy issues inside my home.  They then produced three options for moving forward with work.  We... Read More

    Bryan Z., Plymouth, MI
    May, 2014
  • Recommend To Family & Friends

    “We would recommend Ecotelligent Homes to family and friends.”

    David & Amy D.
    September, 2014
  • Loved the Crew!

    "We loved the crew.  They were friendly and we liked how much they liked our dog."

    Jessica & Stan N., Livonia, MI
    May, 2017
  • Best home service visit

    “Great experience.  By far the best home service visit we have ever had.” 

    Justin & Shawn V.S, South Lyon, MI
    August, 2015
  • “That was excellent! We just moved into the home and it was very valuable for us to get this energy audit. Brian and Nick answered a lot of questions, they showed me how everything worked and walked me through everything too.

    Markell and Lewis M.
    October, 2013
  • Examined entire house

    “They examined the entire house on every level from basement to attic.  They have provided us options for replacing insulation, sealing ductwork, removing some existing mold.” 

    Lorn C., Farmington Hills, MI
    July, 2016
  • Very Professional

    “They were very professional. Amanda the Owner even came out to check on the crews. They treated my property with respect and cleaned up after their work.” 

    Cheryl W.
    September, 2014
  • Clean, Hard, Honest Workers

    “The guys are clean, hard, honest workers. We have had a lot of contractors in our house lately – none compare to how courteous your staff is."

    Mike M., Rochester, MI
    June, 2014
  • Intelligent People - Unknown

    "Intelligent people, equipped with innovative new tools and techniques, identified energy wasting buildng issues.  Effective solutions recommended."

    December, 2016
  • “They were polite and courteous.  Excellent touch with the shoe covers.  Made me feel better about overall condition of house.  I would recommend to friends and family.” 

    David K.
    March, 2013
  • Very Professional Team

    "Amanda, the Owner, and her team conducted a full home energy audit…I decided to do one stop shopping… and scheduled the installation of the additional insulation, sealing, baffles and spray foam by their team…It was pricey, but I am glad I had the work done. Very professional team.

    Laura M.
    July, 2013
  • “The company was here at 8am-5pm.  House was prepped with floor droppings and plastic.  Great communications throughout process & all employees.  Highly professional!” 

    Lisa A., Livonia, MI
    May, 2016
  • We learned a lot from the initial blower door test and throughout the process. Everyone that we worked with was very professional and knowledgeable.

    Mike & Jill K., Bloomfield Township, MI
    May, 2017
  • Above & beyond

    “Your crew went above and beyond in my home to make it comfortable.”

    Caren R., Wyandotte, MI
    August, 2014
  • Great Service

    “I was skeptical, but this turned out to be a really good experience.  The initial audit was thorough, and they identified numerous issues…some of which I was not aware of.  The guys showed up... Read More

    Matthew K.
    March, 2013
  • Respect for Home

    “Excellent customer service and respect for the home.”

    Susan F., Saline, MI
    December, 2016
  • Very Happy With Services

    “We had a home energy audit done. They were very thorough…We opted for them to come back and install insulation in the deficient areas and fill in the cracks around the perimeter of the house and other leaky areas.

    Carol & Leon Z.
    March, 2013
  • Loved the crew

    “Great!  They are a really hard working company.

    Rick & Melissa A., Canton, MI
    February, 2016
  • Wasn't put out

    “[Ecotelligent Homes was] here to identify areas to make [our] home more efficient.  They were here for a couple of hours, did a full audit, and had the report to me that same day.  They gave me five different variations of the report.  They were extremely personable and professional.  I wasn’t... Read More

    Chris S., South Lyon, MI
    March, 2017
  • Prompt, courteous

    “Very satisfied.  Crew was prompt & courteous.” 

    Andy H., Plymouth, MI
    April, 2016
  • Happy With Customer Service & Results

    “They arrived on time, and reviewed the work with me before starting and after completion. They were able to answer all of your questions and treated my property with respect and cleaned up after their work. A bit expensive but very happy with customer service and results.” 

    Chris D.
    February, 2014
  • Cordial and professional

    We were very happy and satisfied with the quality of the work. Everyone conducted themselves cordially and professionally.”

    Cassandra H., Southfield, MI
    February, 2015
  • Enthusiastic

    “Jamie and Nick [were] very comprehensive, enthusiastic, [and had] good communication skills.”

    Kam & Dolly A., Farmington Hills, MI
    December, 2015
  • No Ice Dams

    “We dropped about 15 degrees in the summertime with the work your team performed.  I now can report that we are keeping about the same temperature upstairs as the main floor.  Also, based on the first few snows we have had, my roof has stayed fully snow covered with no ice dams.  I want to thank... Read More

    Chris B., Hartland, MI
    December, 2016
  • Great clean up!

    “Every evening, after they had left we were pleased at how well they had cleaned up, allowing us to focus on our own work.

    Christopher & Carole D. , Farmington Hills, MI
    March, 2016
  • Gave pointers

    “Gave pointers where heat was being lost within the home.  Very helpful and good information.” 

    Elizabeth R., Southfield, MI
    April, 2014
  • Very Professional & Cordial

    “Nick, Jamie and Martique were very professional and cordial. They performed a very detailed audit of my home with a high degree of technical skill and sensitivity to my family’s emotional connection to the house.” 

    Nick S.
    October, 2014
  • Excellent Customer Service

    “Excellent customer service. Extremely polite, efficient and knowledgeable. Completed work in allotted time. Felt very comfortable with all employees, extremely polite and courteous!” 

    Mary Jo and Richard S.
    January, 2014
  • Excellent Job

    “Workers were very respectful of [our] home and did an excellent job.”

    Chris & Rebecca S., South Lyon, MI
    July, 2016
  • Extremely happy, recommending all friends

    "I cannot tell you how impressed i am with the difference in comfort.  It is now at the level I always thought it should be.  Your team is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.  Extremely happy with everything and am recommending to all my friends."

    John Y., Royal Oak, MI
    November, 2016
  • Awesome with pets

    ”Faye and entire crew were respectful and super great about cleaning up.  They were also awesome with pets.  Entire process from start to finish was great!  Thank you!"

    Cathy P., Livonia, MI
    June, 2016
  • Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable

    “The technicians were highly skilled and knowledgeable…they performed the audit in a professional and thorough manner…I would without hesitation recommend this company to anyone seeking such services.” 

    James B.
    September, 2013
  • Cozy house!

    “Thanks to you, our house is cozy!"

    Dan D., Plymouth, MI
    December, 2015
  • “Crew did a fantastic job!” 

    Richard T., Livonia, MI
    July, 2015
  • It was a pleasure

    “It was a pleasure to work with all of your employees throughout the process.” 

    Christian & Kelly L., Ypsilanti, MI
    August, 2015
  • Impressed with the professionalism

    “Great job.  We were really impressed with the professionalism.”

    Tony R., Ann Arbor, MI
    December, 2016
  • Awesome experience

    “Excellent job!  Awesome experience!"

    Bruno D., Madison Heights, MI
    November, 2015
  • Solved The Problem

    “I thought two pairs of socks were required to live an energy efficient life in Michigan. Sealing and insulating one area in our house solved the problem.” 

    Gina A.
    October, 2013
  • Amazing to work with!

    "We recently used Ecotelligent Homes. They specialize in doing audits and doing the follow-up improvements...They then provided 3 options for increasing our efficiency. There is no obligation to do any further work. We did most of their suggested Improvements and they were amazing to work with... Read More

    Kimberly E., Ann Arbor, MI
    March, 2017
  • Would recommend to any & everyone

    “It was a pleasure doing business with your company.  Everyone was respectful, courteous, punctual, and professional.  I loved your company’s work, and I would recommend you to any and everyone!” 

    Calvin & Tiffany N., Inkster, MI
    October, 2016
  • Prompt, professional

    “Very prompt and professional. Love my new furnance & insulation and most of all, my wife got the rebate check!

    Billy F., Eastpointe, MI
    December, 2016
  • Outstanding Auditor

    “Nick was outstanding. He explained everything to our satisfaction. We enjoyed the experience.”

    Tom & Margot M.
    January, 2015
  • Friendly, Thorough, Knowledgeable

    "Friendly, thorough, kept us informed.  Excellent service, knowledgeable."

    Oliver & Jean W., Brighton, MI
    March, 2017
  • Gold star!

    “Great job, very professional. I would give them a gold star.” 

    Saif A.
    June, 2013
  • Excellent documentation

    “Very detailed inspection with excellent documentation of problems and various options for fixing the problems.  Very professional, on time, courteous, cleaned up after themselves.  A pleasure to work with.”

    April V., Novi, MI
    June, 2014
  • Benefits health & wallet

    “Getting some necessary work done on my house.  Thanks to the great teams at Ecotelligent Homes!  You alerted me to severe mold and deficient insulation issues.  Your hard work will benefit my health and my wallet!  Your amazing team provides a friendly, professional... Read More

    Darlene O. , Troy, MI
    September, 2015
  • Promptly returned phone calls

    “The staff at my home treated my property carfully- always wearing protective coverings to protect my floor, leaving the home better than they found (sweeping, vacuuming, etc).  Ecotelligent exceeded our expectations in explaining in detail the recommendation, the work done, reviewing in the end... Read More

    Brad & Stephanie H., South Lyon, MI
    January, 2016
  • Loved Before & After Photos

    “The crew did a great job covering everything so that nothing was damaged and they cleaned up wonderfully.  I liked how I was shown pictures before and after the project so I could see how everything looked.” 

    Adam & Rhonda B., Highland Charter Township, MI
    December, 2016
  • Detail Oriented Audit

    “It was very easy to schedule an appointment with the company and the energy audit team came in on time.  They methodically measured up my house and provided detailed explanations of any findings.

    Mark A.
    April, 2013
  • Very Professional Audit

    “They were very professional. Showed us exactly where we need to insulate to help warm up a very cold room over the garage. That’s the short story, we hope to bring them back to do the work before another winter.” 

    Linda H.
    February, 2014
  • Can already feel difference

    “The work that was done was great!  We can already feel the difference in the house.  Overall, I was very satisfied."

    Christina M.
    December, 2015
  • “The team was knowledgeable, proficient, patient and respectful.”

    Richard B., Farmington HIlls, MI
    September, 2014

Our Work

Ypsilanti Home owners relied on Ecotelligent Homes of Farmington HIlls, MI to coordinate asbestos remediation during a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

We recently worked with Robert and Tina of Ypsilanti whose home has been in the family for generations.

West Bloomfield, MI couple gets more comfortable in their home thanks to Ecotelligent Homes of Farmington Hills, MI
Chris and Larisa of West Bloomfield, MI had concerns about mold in their attic.
Farmington Hills, MI family is sleeping more soundly at night thanks to the work of Ecotelligent Homes!

A good night's sleep is what Nathan and Erin of Farmington Hills were looking to gain when they contacted Ecotelligent Homes.

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The Team of Ecotelligent Homes in Farmington Hills, MI March 2017
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Our Methodology

Energy Audit Ecotelligent
Get to the root cause of your home’s comfort problems with our BPI certified Comprehensive Home Energy Audit.
Ecotelligent Insulation
Enjoy a comfortable home all year long with our professionally installed cellulose blown in insulation and spray foam insulation.
Warm Family
Have peace of mind with reliable year round comfort from our high efficiency furnace and central air conditioning systems.
Renewable Energy Ecotelligent
Get your home off the grid or achieve zero net energy by pairing your energy efficiency improvements with geothermal or solar.