Sean Haight

Energy Consultant

As an installer at Ecotelligent Homes, Sean is able to utilize his education and hands on skills to perform the tasks necessary to make your home a more comfortable place to live. Having earned an Alternative Energy/Energy Technology Degree from Henry Ford College along with being a Building Analyst Professional certified through the Building Performance Institute (BPI), he is able to visualize your home as if it were a living and breathing being that needs attention to its health- just like you and I!  Sean chose this field of work because he's passionate about the outdoors and truly believes in saving energy and preserving our resources as much as possible for future generations . He really enjoys working with Ecotelligent Homes because of the fun atmosphere he feels from the entire team. He definitely enjoys music, so if you hear someone singing in your home it's probably him!  When he has time to himself, he likes to spend a lot of it outdoors.  He's an avid outdoorsman and rarely shies away from an adventure.  He drove himself to Colorado last summer and spent two weeks exploring and camping in the mountains which really sparked his travelling side.  He definitely enjoys sports and plays in a hockey and co-ed softball league with a bunch of his friends, which is never a bad time either!