We can help to get your home off the grid or achieve zero net energy by pairing your energy efficiency improvements with a top-quality solar energy system for homes. We will assess your home’s orientation and surrounding landscape to recommend the best alternative energy system for your family’s unique lifestyle. If you’re looking for a way to integrate solar energy in Metro Detroit, we can help you install solar panels to improve efficiency just like other eco-friendly Metro-Detroiters.

Efficiency Improvements Before Renewable Energy

To make the most of your investment in alternative energy, Ecotelligent Homes will provide you with information on energy conservation, including recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of your home with air sealing and insulation prior to installing solar energy. Some benefits of eliminating energy waste prior to installing solar energy for your home include:

  • If your home is more energy efficient, you will need a smaller solar array to power your home, or better yet it can allow you to sell a larger amount of energy back to the utility company.
  • While solar panels are sexy, they can’t eliminate drafts or improve the comfort of your home like energy efficiency improvements can.
  • Starting your project with a comprehensive home energy audit will not only ensure the most effective improvements are made prior to solar, it will also ensure your home’s indoor air quality is safe.

Do Solar Panels Work in Metro Detroit?

Not only do solar panels perform well in Metro Detroit, our cooler climate can help the photovoltaic cells to convert the sun’s rays into electricity more efficiently. We have worked on Metro Detroit area homes with solar energy in Superior Township and Novi and installed solar panels on the Wyandotte Community Library.

Is It True That Cities & Neighborhoods Have Limits on Solar Panels?

Yes. Some cities and neighborhoods throughout Metro Detroit have restrictions on the visibility of the solar panels. After we complete your home energy audit and ensure that solar energy is the next logical step for your home, we will help you navigate the local rules and laws.

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