Save Green-Be Green

January - 2013

save-energy-bulb-mdnWell the New Year is underway.  If you're like most of us, probably one of the top items on your 2013 resolution list is to save money.  We hope that this month’s green tips will do just that. Start the New Year off right with an Energy Audit on your home or business from Ecotelligent Homes. One of the most expensive items on your grocery list is laundry detergent.  By making your own, you can save well over $200 a year.  It’s easy and works great. Check out your public library, not only for the latest books, but for movies, music, E-books, E-audiobooks and don't forget their Event Calendar. You probably have a bottle of vinegar in your pantry, but did you know that vinegar can be used for so many different things? When life gives you snow, make snowmen and snow angels or just go for a walk and enjoy the white stuff. Be a kid, have some fun it won’t cost a thing. Still mailing your monthly payments? Take advantage the payees auto-pay programs or paying online. Some businesses may even offer a discount to you. Lower your thermostat while your away and at night when sleeping. Better still, install a programmable thermostat will save you about $180 every year. Use your ceiling fan to cut down on your heating bill. Hands feeling a little dry this winter? Treat your hands with a home-made sugar scrub. Mix 1 tablespoon olive oil with 1 teaspoon of sugar, and apply to your hands, massaging gently for a few minutes. Place hands in warm water for a few seconds while you continue to massage them, then rinse with cool water and pat dry. Don't forget you can save a lot of energy and money, by making sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room.