Newsletter: Thanksgiving Day Advice- Have a Backup Plan!

November - 2016

November is upon us, which means many of you will soon be taking on the task of hosting Thanksgiving! While this is a wonderful time for families to reconnect over a delicious meal, it can also be a time of unwanted stress and anxiety. What if the turkey burns?  Does your cousin always bring the dreaded canned cranberry sauce?  We've all experienced some sort of holiday-related panic, but the good news is that we do not have to face it unprepared.  If you want your Thanksgiving dinner to go off without a hitch, it is best to have a backup plan.  Ecotelligent Homes prepares for the worse when installing energy efficiency improvements in your home by incorporating precautionary measures through proper diagnosis and providing customized solutions that start at the root of the problem.  A great example of our precautionary measures is demonstrated in our project spotlight below.  To see just how well we go above and beyond for our customers, schedule a comprehensive home energy audit today!


Chris and Larisa of West Bloomfield had concerns about mold in their attic.  After conducting a comprehensive home energy audit, one of our energy auditors did indeed find mold and put a plan in place to remedy the situation.  Not only was our team able to stop the moisture at the source, but they went one step further by properly ventilating the area with baffles.  Has this left you wondering what a baffle is, like you wonder what's in your Great Aunt's fruitcake? Check out this month's blog to help clear things up!  The homeowners greatly appreciated that we incorporated precautionary measures as part of the process because it drastically improved the safety of their home.  
In a nutshell, the perimeter of the attic is an extremely important detail of improving home efficiency that often gets overlooked by other energy auditors.  Generally, an attic is a tight space that requires both insulating and air sealing- which is not always easy to achieve.  Ecotelligent Homes is proud to say that we have developed a unique and industry-leading solution to control ventilation in the attic with baffles.  This is the equivalent to eating a slice of pumpkin pie after an amazing Thanksgiving meal!  


We're stuffing our team like a Thanksgiving turkey!  Please help us welcome our newest Ecotelligent Homes team members Sean, Stephanie, Devaughn, and Jonny.  You can learn all about them, and the rest of our team, here


"Everything went great! From the initial visit, the job performance, and the quality assurance follow-up visit."  
Calvin & Tiffany - Inkster, MI
You can see their great review as well as many other's on Angie's List


With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we at Ecotelligent Homes realize that we have so much to be thankful for- especially wonderful customers like you!  We strive for customer satisfaction, which is why the highest compliment we can receive is a referral from you. If you can help our business grow by giving us the gift of a referral, we would greatly appreciate it.  Your neighbors/friends/family will thank you too!


Make sure your home is comfortable for your company this holiday season- call us today for a comprehensive home energy audit to improve your home's efficiency!