Linda J.

Tom Needham, from Ecotelligent Homes (EH), did an energy assessment on our house and then essentially acted as a contractor, organizing the work (with Cappy, but EH personnel did install some insulation as part of the larger project). We are extremely happy with EH’s performance. 1) The completed work has provided us with everything we wanted. 2) In every case, all of the personnel who came into our home–sometimes for several days–were professional, friendly, and competent. 3) At one point our house presented a complexity (how to merge new HVAC equipment with a pre-existing zoning setup) that seemed to threaten the chance of continuing with a zoned house (ie dividing our house into 3 sections, each with independent temperature controls/ducts). We reached out to Tom and he coordinated with colleagues at Cappy, to insure that we got what we wanted.