Alan L.

I scheduled a Home Energy Audit with Ecotelligent Homes after contacting several other companies and discussing their services and costs. Boy am I glad I chose you to do my audit, I was thoroughly impressed with the audit you did. Your crew showed up exactly to the minute scheduled, and was very professional. We began a preliminary tour of my house. No area of the house was overlooked, from the crawlspace to the attic. I offered to show Jamie pictures I had taken of the crawlspace, but no good, she suited-up and crawled right in and took her own pictures, very impressive! I am very confident every inch of my home was inspected and photos were taken too support what was found. You used quality testing equipment to analyze the performance of my mechanical systems, air handling systems, and air exchange. At one point during the audit a gas leak was discovered at my gas meter and you had to stop the audit prior to doing a blower door test. Not only did you make me aware of this, you also assisted me in contacting the gas company to come out and repair the leak. You rescheduled to come out to complete the audit the very next business day which I appreciated very much.”

During the audit the crew was very helpful and patient in explaining what they were doing and answering any questions I had. After the auditing was completed a detailed report was complied and presented to me, very comprehensive. Along with the report many suggestions and tips were given to me. In addition to the report you provided several proposals to address some of the deficiencies found.

I feel I got a great bargain and a complete and excellent energy audit of my home and would, and already have recommended your company to several of my friends. Your crew was exceptional, very professional, and friendly, a real pleasure to have had in my home.

Thank you very much, I am completely satisfied with the job you did and hope your company has much success. I would be more than happy to have any future customers contact me for a review of the job you did here.