Michigan Saves Authorized Contractor

Ecotelligent Homes has been a Michigan Saves Authorized Contractor since 2011.  We are happy to offer our residential customers easy and affordable financing options for their energy efficiency improvements through Michigan Saves’ unique program and local financial institutions.

What is Michigan Saves?

Michigan Saves is a nonprofit dedicated to making energy improvements easier for all Michigan energy consumers. They makes affordable financing available through partnerships with Michigan based private sector lenders. Michigan Saves also authorize and monitor a network of local contractors and recognize those contractors with advanced training.

Have You Considered Financing Your Energy Efficiency Improvement Project?

As an Authorized Contractor, Ecotelligent Homes can walk you through the simple process of financing your energy efficiency project.  Michigan Saves’ Home Energy Loan Program is an unsecured loan so it does not require an appraisal or equity, and you can get approval with a quick phone call.

Contact Ecotelligent Homes to schedule your energy audit and take advantage of Michigan Saves’ unique financing offers!

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