A Good Night's Sleep!

A good night's sleep is what Nathan and Erin of Farmington Hills were looking to gain when they contacted Ecotelligent Homes. Uneven temperatures on their second level left this family with hot and humid bedrooms in the summer, cold and dry bedrooms in the winter, and sleepless nights all year long! After a comprehensive home energy audit, we found that the main cause of this discomfort was air leakage through various parts of the house.  

Ecotelligent Homes’ Unique Solution: Air Sealing with Baffles

Luckily, we were able to remedy these issues with air sealing and proper ventilation with baffles in the attic (remember our handy dandy baffle blog from last month?).  Now this family is sleeping more soundly and their home is ready for the cold weather December has brought with it!